Woman gunned down on NYC street, boyfriend hits suspect with car

A 52-year-old woman working at a Bronx construction site was fatally shot Wednesday afternoon, and her boyfriend then ran down the suspect with his car.

It happened around 12:30 p.m. on City Island Avenue and City Island Road, where police say a 67-year-old man rode up on a bicycle and opened fire.

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  1. This jus my opinion…. I believe it was a love triangle going on…. As the reporter said at least twice that all three knew of each other but it's still not right to have taken a life which is not urs…. Sadd sadd SMH nd if I am right how can a individual get madd nd kill them… when it's not ur body part even if you are in a relationship

  2. Crazy people all over and this state won’t allow us arm up like Pennsylvania if your gun isn’t legal you should get 15 years of it’s legal you should have the right to protect yourself and family

  3. the people are gone mad whats it coming to , i hope this guy on the bike gets the eletric chair and be done with him ,its now right to be wasting taxpayers money on that , the poor woman may she rest with the angles

  4. The boyfriend knew that the Mayor and DA would let the criminal get off easy, so now street justice is the only justice left for NYC citizens.

  5. I read an article this morning in the New York Times, Attorney General Letitia James has ordered the arrest of the driving after identifying him as a “Trump” supporter the report goes on to say and quotes, James, “This is a perfect example of “White supremacy” and will never ever be tolerated as long as I’m attorney general of NY.” She goes on to say, “I firmly believe there is a nexus to the driver running over the gunman and Trump’s tax returns.”

  6. He should have waited for the police to come cuz they were gonna beat him down anyway….🤕 u better hope the person doesn't turn around and sue u for assault…

  7. Cease fire not holding your attitude behind stupid belong hatred people are going to frustrated hold your heads. 107:20 HE SENT HIS NAME AND HEALED THEM AND DELIVERED THEM FROM THEIR DISTRUCTIONS

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