Woman Describes Moment She Was Shot On Deadliest Day In Chicago | NBC News NOW

After the death of George Floyd, protests and unrest sparked across the world, and shootings across the U.S. are on the rise. Teyonna Lofton, a victim of gun violence, described the moment she was shot on the deadliest day of violence in Chicago.
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Woman Describes Moment She Was Shot On Deadliest Day In Chicago | NBC News NOW


  1. Iam surprised any people of color left there with the killings I given it 20 more years it want be many people of color left .and then we here what happen they killed each other of only a hand full left .

  2. Why has noone addressed the fact that people say refund the police out of anger. Anger at injustices and bad cops. Not decent officers. I respect decent officers. Truth is defunding is not the answer. We have the ability to both do things in the community and also properly train and change policies that effect the community. But money is funneled everywhere but where it's really needed. Defunding the police will cause more issues. That's not

  3. Gets shot and wants to defund the police ? Wow ok . . I’m sure she doesn’t want her shooters arrested either .. this young women is so brainwashed by the internet it’s insane she has so self respect , she could’ve died .

  4. I’m so glad she survived this ordeal. Born and raised in Chicago. I’m so thankful I had got the opportunity to leave that dangerous city many yrs ago. I’m so proud of this young woman for wanting to bring peace ❤️💯

  5. Come on. All this violence nationwide is not surprising or a mistake. Everyone knew this would happen if they did what they did to all these police officers. Keep protesting over criminals and you will continue to see this violence spike. Feel sorry for all the kids that have really been the victims. Everyone else knew what your getting in to.

  6. Defund the police
    Defund the police
    Calls 911 and nobody picks up
    The next logical solution is to take money away from the police in one of the most dangerous cities in America
    Makes sense to nobody
    Insane logic in a Insane situation

  7. teens get indoctrinated into this violent culture and it's perpetrated thru music and social media.
    anybody in Chicago will tell, if you're standing near somebody that's hot they're gonna shoot into the whole group

  8. but Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, why aren't they working to keep guns out of the hands of criminals? Oh, because the criminals don't obey gun laws

  9. They need to bring in the army to help get all these thugs off the streets and send them to Iraq then people can enjoy their life and have no fear of being shot or killed because of these thugs here in Chicago.

  10. Blacks need their own police. People who aren’t afraid to hold Blacks accountable for their actions…but also truly help people to seek refuge from street violence and self destruction….REHABILITATION PROGRAMS FOR THE JOB MARKET, COMMUNITY SERVICE, EDUCATION PROGRAMS, FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS AND SERVICES…AND KNOW HOW TO ADDRESS AND HANDLE POTENTIALLY VIOLENT OR MENTALLY UNHEALTHY SITUATIONS. Black cops who aren’t afraid to cross the bridge on success and then look back and help others out. There people are either focused on making it out or taking you out…you realize that Blacks don’t get taught anything but what’s AROUND THEM!!

  11. This a very dangerous place for any kind of everyday outting. Just a strange car pull up, you see a nice luxury vehicle, first thing you think, being a typical black person, this a person of class, and not a well dressed maniac fixing to blast you and everyone. Like…you live in a gunna zone…then think a gunna is coming. I would. Guess people can't live thinking Afghanistan here. It's about that dangerous though.

  12. Meanwhile, every DAY in these United States, about 10,000 children become old enough to legally purchase a firearm. Have you ever seen the 'average' behavior of a room full of just TEN children? Now, multiply that by a thousand. And . . . every day, it's 10,000 more. But not to worry, for they can't all be crazy! And yet one out of six people have psychiatric disorders. – j q t –

    And then we get stories like this every week or two: https://www.yahoo.com/gma/boy-3-dies-birthday-celebration-101356666.html

  13. 2pac- Use your brain, use your brain
    It ain't them that's killin' us it's US that's killin' us
    It ain't them that's knockin' us off, it's US that's knockin' us off
    I'm tellin' you better watch it, or be a victim
    Be a victim, in this white man's world

  14. How about improving public education. Many schools do not start punishing student until they do something that is actually illegal. That policy is failing the students and the community. Also, try testing the average elementary school teacher in math. See how they do, then ask yourself if this person is qualified to be teaching.

  15. Nobody is going to want to open a store in a town that is riddled with gun violence, and activists that think looting will solve all their problems.

  16. “… I am gutting the corruption in Chicago open and unlikely operatives will be exposed and the reasons for such violence and corruption will come forth as I the Lord see the blood of the innocent the enemy and those who serve him are spilling to stay in power and
    former the political arena, the satanic drug arena, the gambling arena, and bubbling
    brothels for I the Lord see the cup of filth that has been poured out and you shall see that
    blood they have spilled come back upon leadership who has chosen to continue in such
    wicked plans devised by a fallen host and unclean territorial spirits says the Lord of Hosts this day…”


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