1. God please help her & those babies. Jail isn't the answer help is! Think about it could have been worst & thank God she didn't take all they lives including hers. It wasn't like she abandoned them but tried to make a way out of no way. Come on have some compassion & do the right thing to help get a place for them. Someone of power & money please stand up🙏🏾 Father's & family of hers & children where ya'll at?

  2. Classic example of U.S. not helping it’s struggling citizens but instead charged a homeless mother or guardian for trespassing and endangering children because they were sheltering inside vacant apartment instead of providing them with stable shelter and resources.

  3. She was probably trying to hold on til the stimulus money arrived. She was doing the best she could w/ seven kids. Who would take them all in "Now"? She needs help not jail. Her children need a home- not separation. This where our country is so messed up…Where are all the people who care so much about the the unborn, what about after they get here? This is when Mom needs a hand up, not a hand out!

  4. She is struggling like many. She is trying to provide for her kids. Let’s lift her up instead of demonizing her. She has thus far kept her family intact during this horrible year. I hope she is going to be in a safe permanent home soon with her children.

  5. or LANDLORD charged for no plumbing or heat. If it's an abandoned building, then help this family out since others don't have to pay rent during covid and are getting unemployment, stimulus checks, etc. Florida news, "Cop pays for groceries of shoplifters on Christmas Day."

  6. I assume the mother was homeless. Also, shelters are super unsafe overrun with drug addicted, mentally off, rapist men that you see riding the CTA in the morning. Who wants to subject their kids to that?

  7. I feel for this women ,she probably didn't have ANY help from the father and relatives it's hard doing everything alone with no HELP ,THE kids were not abused or in shock I pray this family gets the help they need ,we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic..🙏🙏🙏

  8. Yet the family court judges give custody to woman that can’t even keep a roof over her kids heads. And shits on the father that can and wants to take care of his child. Pathetic. Hopefully she goes to jail

  9. A man and kids are in good condition I hope DCFS do not get in them kids life and take them when you go to other people home who do have Apartments they're nasty and don't even keep up their kids God is really going to bless that man for doing that helping her I'm pretty sure she have family her family then open up the doors and let her and her children come in he did that I'm really proud of that man

  10. See if she need help first or a job maybe she was at wrk or trying get money at 14 I was at home watching my sister only thing I felt was wrong was that it’s not actually her apartment

  11. Why are there vacant homes owned by corrupt city when there's homeless during winter economic crisis. This society is wicked. By now amerikkka has surpassed Nazi regime by all stats.

  12. We can complain all day about these homeless situations but what are we going to do about it? How can people get help besides Go Fund Me? Does anyone have a list of places she could get assistance from when this is over? I’m not just talking about from the government. I’m talking about 501(c)3 programs outside of the government that actually help people for real.

  13. WGN, police, Chicago, Lori Light foot, y'all suck. This report is suppose 2 have you all tellin us about the "Go Fund Me" being set up and where we can donate….Instead y'all takin about charges!

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