Woj drops his NBA free-agency predictions | KJZ

Woj drops his NBA free-agency predictions | KJZ
Adrian Wojnarowski joins KJZ and makes his free-agency predictions and discusses how Kyle Lowry’s decision will dictate the rest of the signings in the NBA.
0:00 Woj predicts Kyle Lowry lands on the Heat and how it will affect the point guard market.
2:15 Woj discusses Zach LaVine’s contract with the Chicago Bulls.
3:41 Woj breaks down Kawhi Leonard’s and Chris Paul’s decisions to decline their player options with the LA Clippers and Phoenix Suns.

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  1. This guy Woj breaks stories 1st. Trades, signings.. but he isn’t 10 for 10 in his predictions when he you hear him say “ I expect “ or “ this destination may be more likely to land insert player “ the deal is already done

  2. Trade CP3 and Crowder to Lakers for Schroder and Kuzma or Drummond to Suns or trade Simmons or Lonzo to SUNS for Paul Crowder Galloway and Moore. Paul is paid more than most of the top scorers in the league and brings no size or defense we can do without the 16 ppg and inconsistency in the most crucial series of his career to capitalize like a true veteran hof. He is not reliable durability wise

  3. If your Miami, do you try to acquire Lowry with Herro being the center piece? if Toronto is asking for Herro (and other players or picks), do you decline? I heard the deal might involve Dragic and Precious instead, but Idk if the Raptors would accept that.

  4. I would like to see Kawhi to Dallas. Trade Powell, Burke, & a 1st to Charlotte for Rozier.
    So, Kawhi could sit for a year.

    PG – Luka
    SG – Terry
    SF – DFS
    PF – Kristaps
    C – WCS
    PG – Brunson
    SG – Green
    SF – THJ
    PF – Kleber
    C – Brown

    Then when Kawhi comes back move THJ to Backup 2 and DFS to backup 3. Kawhi starts at SF.

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