1. I will vote Liz Chaney for President as a Republican, an independent or a Democrat.
    Support this effort. We need honesty and integrity

  2. If the DOJ afraid to get charged with criminal charges Fani Willis and Georgia not afraid state charges a much better so wanna next corrupt president and get up there they won’t be able to put him on state levels what he did was a crime no other president even attempt to try it with Donald Trump than he used every tall he could use to try to stay in office that is self is an American and never happen in American history with a dealt with that dealt with a demon I evil man and he still out there be an evil he know he lost the election is still out there telling lies when the DOJ can’t decide to go arrest him he is destroying this country and that’s what he wants to do they allowing him to destroy this country but not liking him up you still have people like Clarence Thomas white out here try to help overthrow the government we cannot forget her all Lindsey Graham they both try to do something to our country that never happens in American history on believable and these people need to be hopefully accountable for the action.

  3. nothing will happen to trump because he have to many people with big money to protect trump but his followers go to jail for trump

  4. Some one say somewhere the short men pay almost 3 millons to these domestic terrorist to attack the Capitol building in Juanary 6th !…

  5. Lizzie, the swamp creature, how I hope you’ll be voted out next month. There are people IN JAIL for walking through the Capitol on J6. Set these people free. The VOTER FRAUD that put the damp puppet in the Oval Office is something else that should have never happened.

  6. I feel sorry for the Trump kids now. Especially for Ivanka because she and her dad were close and she HAD to tell the truth, which she did. And now they have lost their mother–when they will really need her. Sounds like she was the loving parent.

  7. We have needed a Liz Cheney. But what will happen to this woman? No matter what, she will go down in history for her bravery.

  8. My father is in prison for the distribution of narcotics. If Trump is not indicated, I will never vote for the Democratic Party again.

  9. We All Witnessed trump and his Criminals War Against Our Country!
    It's time to Start Charging them All and Start Arresting and Put them in Prison!

  10. Trump is the head of the insurrectionists snake. This was all his doing and falsehoods. If American Justice Department does not put a criminal advocating violence against “We The People” then our government weak, corrupt and incompetent. We already know corruption is rampant in government. Let’s see if we still have a functioning and fair Department of Justice.

  11. Trump will never see jail but the 1/6 Committee is lining up the fall people who will go to prison to save Trump, and he cares nothing about them……..a sick and dangerous man.

  12. And thank God for this committee who is trying to get to the bottom of the truth about the former president Trump and we should pray for all of our authorities people that are in authority so that they can know that they're going to be responsible for that position that they hold and that's the truth will come out and Justice will be done

  13. Is like a game for trump. Anyone else would be have been imprisoned right now. No equal justice in this country. How much is this costing the tax payers plus we’re still providing this criminal security. America is a real joke of a country. The guy said on camera, let’s go to the capitol and fight for our freedom, if don’t you wouldn’t have a country (on a lie). The supporters went and attempted to overthrow the government in the process people died, many injured and a great deal of property damage occurred. This guy is dangerous and he’s still going at it as though it’s a game. What an injustice system. America is going to destroy itself. Watch

  14. In the end, the only ones who will face a Mussolini-like justice will be the many Marxists in the Biden administration, and those who follow in their infected footsteps, for the utter disaster and inevitable collapse of this country.

  15. Does Liz Cheney have a life? She has spent the last 16 months on the Jan. 6, riot and Donald Trump. She is not brave, honest or courageous. If she were she would not be part of a kangaroo court. Also, if she followed the constitution which she is constantly talking about and democracy, she would have made sure this was not a kangaroo one sided court. This issue should have been processed through the judicial system, under the constitution. This is not democracy and it is not following the constitution. Trump should have been charged, using the judicial system, when the Jan. 6 incident occurred.

  16. Evidence of Trump-GOP crimes against America a bottomless reality. No one is above the law. Full weight of US GOVERNMENT to protect constitution, rule of law, democracy…prosecute.

  17. CNN 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  18. Actually, the oath to the document is on ALL individual's behalf … is it not?? This document ensures that all of us have equal rights … is it not? Sure are a lot of politicians trying to fight that right which we all have. What this document is … is a right to rights, it is our birthright as Americans. It is our will for all of us to have equality. It is an oath to each of us and we must all agree to it, which makes it an oath by each of us to each of us. Doesn't it? That document IS democracy. I pledge an oath to seeing democracy for all. If politicians do not and they incite and inspire opposition to this document, they are indeed committing crimes against humanity because democracy is our way of life, that IS the law of the land. Some forget it or ignore it even. Those people cannot simply receive a slap on the wrist. Action must be taken to fight these crimes. Is it not a crime to act in opposition to what is set in this document as our law of democracy for us all? Clear the prisons of people in there for 10 plus years or even less or more who had marijuana charges and other ridiculous sentences for their crimes .. and make room for those who have made it their mission work for legislation and to blog about actions against American citizens and even their right to their party ideals and their religion or lack thereof ……… like Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is being paid by her constituent's tax dollar to keep them from abortion rights, to negate and erase their inalienable right to be who they are and identify who they wish to, to prevent them from a society free of weapons of war. Does the list need to be spewed out a million times before the REACTION of the defense of the LAW be put into effect to put these people in check? Did everyone forget checks and balances? There is no balance and that must end immediately.

  19. What I'm hearing is that this committee leader is saying that the answer is yes but that she and her colleagues are not sure IF they will make the referral to prosecute. Are you waiting for a deal to ensure you get into office again and again, Liz? I don't like the idea that a small group of Americans can decide to not ensure justice for the people of this country. Why wouldn't you make that referral??? That is certainly the case but we are not sure if we are going to yet. That is basically what you said. Does ANYONE else have a problem with that?? I sure do. I sure do have a problem with those words that say we may decide NOT to make a referral that Donald Trump be prosecuted … for the crimes we know him to be guilty of. Is that what you're saying? It sure is what you're saying. Well, that's not okay.

  20. Wow dick Cheney daughter calling dick Cheney crime weapons not found Iraq and Cheney hung a bad man but it was a Cheney lie and Trump is bad? Wow it's all politics at its lowest ask hillary!

  21. Trump is a Criminal plain & simple. Where is his Casino? In a Landfill..proof enough my fellow Americans. Wake up. He even walks like a Criminal with his open suit. He is a Pathetical Liar. And a down right Racist. You Trumpter are so dam stupid. Trump will go to Jail just wait. Hunter Biden should go also Polosi
    Schumer and Hillary Graham and You know who also. I will never ever Vote again. These Politicians are all Criminals. The system is rip with corruption and greed. The Federal Reserve is out of Control. Both Party are the same crap. The Supreme Court is a dam Joke. Can't wait to move out of the U.S.

  22. what about, the bidens, liz?
    their criminal activities.
    the brief case. the gun he threw in the trash.
    why, is it okay for him to carry guns around and than throw in the trash by a school.
    why, isnt any one being charged with a crime. he has ties with china.
    is our country at risk?

  23. Do Democrats ever pay for their crimes ? They actually committed crimes.
    Jan 6 is not an armed insurrection it was a protest about unsecure elections.
    Unfortunately no crime to address. There are people
    IE: the speaker of the house.
    responsible for protecting the capital building…an easy thing to do.
    Where are the documents and access to Pelosi's staff
    So we can see what happened.
    Unarmed protest and we can not protect a secure building ?
    Jan. 6 is a Hollywood produced prime time diversion from the Democrat destruction of America.

  24. If you don’t charge him he will be a full fledged murderous dictator. There will be no stopping him and he will destroy our country.

  25. He tried to have his an VP killed and tried to overthrow the government. Lock him up !!!

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