Will the San Francisco Bay Area shut down again? Here's how doctors say we 'could avoid' lockdown

COVID-19 cases are surging and hospitalizations are spiking. Will the Bay Area lockdown again? We asked Dr. Bob Wachter, chair of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.

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  1. Where are these people getting their data from? What data, where is this so called data they keep saying. PROVE IT!!!! What are they afraid of? Telling people the truth.

  2. Until Biden decided to take the masks off for July 4th! Thanks Biden! We were doing so good and San Francisco was looking good til you opened your mouth! Now we are f%#%!

  3. We need to stop listening to these fools. Dr fauci funded and helped to create covid 19 and now its developed to new variants.

  4. The vaccine will not prevent you from the virus. It just help you to identify the virus so your immune system can fight. If your immune system is weak, nothing the vaccine can do.

  5. I don't care about another lockdown. But one thing is that these summer tourists are coming from places that don't have our level of vaccination level. Also, our people are traveling outside the Bay. We're not impermeable ppl.

  6. This is what you call lies and communist propaganda. People need to rise up against this insanity. Enough is enough.

  7. I’m leaving CA next week for good so I don’t care. Let them lock the state down. All the idiots that live there like it that way anyway. Peace out.

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