Why Ryan Poles' Patience Could Pay Off in the Long Run || Chicago Bears Discussion

In this video I discuss GM Ryan Poles’ patient approach to this offseason and why it may end up benefiting the Bears in the long run.

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  1. I am 100% onboard with Poles's approach. I honestly think we should go CB or OL with one of our 2nds and trade back with the other. The WR depth is insane this year. IMO, unless you're in the 1sr getting Wilson Williams Bruke London Olave then just wait for later rounds. I am so pumped for the 2023 season lol, can we just FF this year. Great stuff & Bear Down

  2. I’m glad u made this video cuz everyone in Chicago is so quick to say this and that but dude hasn’t even had a season yet trust in him he knows good lineman for sure he literally played it in the nfl

  3. Mitch Trubisky might turn out to be an excellent quarterback he was dealt the worst hand a NFL quarterback could get. Rookie head coach with an inability to adapt with a roster built on power run. Trying to run a zone west coast spread. A scheme that doesn't play to Trubisky's strengths. They switched offensive schemes and total philosophy his second year. One year his best receiver was Dontrell Inman and one year they didn't even have a tight end on the roster.

  4. I think the Bears are gonna surprise people this year, much like the Cubs will by focusing on an identity that a team can grasp onto. Easy schedule and weak division…winning 8 games would not be out of the question.

  5. I think what he’s doing is correct. He’s trying to correct the financial mess that Ryan Pace left him and he’s been acquiring picks for injury prone players that still have some value and he’s going to build this roster through the draft and acquire players that have chips on there shoulder and have something to prove and be gritty. I like this and people need to be patient this will all pay off. Just trust in Ryan Poles

  6. I think we can't judge poles rn because he basically he is trying to fix what pace did the last few years he is doing what he can with what he has rn and the free agents he is getting aren't bad at all

  7. as long as they don't overpay and don't give long-term contracts for free-agent talent this year, and draft well, I'm happy…of course, they need at least enough help to keep Fields from getting killed…with impatience comes imprudence…I'm not looking for another Pace…

  8. Man I fricken love his approach honestly, I'm all for the money ball approach and do what others don't have the courage to do with business… Blow up the unneeded trash and last a great foundation

  9. I look at our roster and I’m not worried. The QB was not the only one held back by Nagy’s coaching. With the right system, I believe our team can thrive. With the right coaches who can drive these guys, inspire and motivate our current roster, they can thrive! 🐻⬇️

  10. Bears aren’t just a few players away from contending. There are a lot of holes to fill and that’s just hole filling. The team needs more than just stars that elevate the team. It needs a solid base on both sides of the ball. Bears will need at least a few years of good drafts with young talent and use the cap space to get some highly talented players after that

  11. I think it’s more of an argument if Pace got the coach right we would of been ok with Mitch I honestly do. I’m so glad Nagy didn’t get to ruin JF tho. Poles I think he has a plan and i can’t say anything yet I’ll wait cus it’s not fair to place judgment yet. He has a lot of work to do and he has a chance to be a hero or another dud. Time will tell I think he will be good tho

  12. Man after I joined a Bears fan community on reddit, I realized that a lot of Bears fans are ignorant on how good teams are built. Big splashes ultimately lead to big crashes. Poles is making a solid roster and is doing exactly what he said he was going to do. Plus many stars don’t want to come to Chicago, looking at our history. So we have to show the league we’re doing a 180. We’ll be on top very soon.

  13. the only thing he has done that I really did not like is lowballing Ryan Bates. no way you get him from the bills with that small of a contract lmfao

  14. Chicago doesnt have long term, qb contracts just got fast tracked bc of thr watson contract. Huge window is there while fields is on his first contract. I agree about a base but there were a few spots i thought we could have started the next level with players that were also mentors and leaders.

  15. Any person with half a football brain understands what Poles is doing. He’s setting the team for long term success. His only other goal is to protect our QB and give him enough to properly evaluate him

  16. Nagy talked a lot about culture and all we ended up with was Club Dub and Be You. Poles is trying to install a system that will ensure the Bears will be successful for years. Football at the end of the day is a business. And successful businesses have a system in place for controlling cost while maintaining high standards.


  18. Poles is giving this team an identity. The Bears are looking at players on both sides of the ball that play to the style that suits their ideology. More than I can say for Nagy, after 4 seasons his offense was still searching for an identity. And they already stated they are going to value the draft, pace discarded draft choices in favor of high prices free agents, like we were a player, or 2 away…

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