Why New York Attorney General Did Not Bring Charges Against Cuomo

Following the New York Attorney General’s report that Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, NBC News’ Rehema Ellis and Danny Cevallos analyze the investigation, why there were no charges brought and whether the governor could resign.
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  1. Official misconduct is criminal these people are all liars taking up for him secretly and covering up the criminality of unwarranted conduct prohibited by the rules of conduct and his office. Sexual harassment is unwarranted unauthorized conduct.

  2. All of these people need to GO on both sides–none of them do anything, but the American taxpayer keeps getting the bill. Sad truth, the majority of America's 300 Mil citizens are getting shafted–but keep fighting your petty culture wars around CRT, immigration, and all the other nonsense that keeps the 1% one step ahead of the average American citizen. If it wasn't so sad it would all be so funny.

  3. Wow the tone is so different when it's one of their own…had that been a Republican or trump can you imagine the tone in the reporting…one thing for sure as a 50 year old independent voting black American Male I would rather deal with a white supremacist than a hypocrite…at least I know where a white supremacist stands…

  4. Any business that hires women is inviting an automatic lawsuit for sexual harassment once they pass the probationary period. Women are wise to the use of these new laws as a weapon to secure their early retirement. It is impossible not to commit sexual harassment on women as it is impossible to do your income tax without errors. Both are regulated by laws designed for you to fail. Avoid being sued for sexual discrimination by telling failed women candidates, "I hired a person with better qualifications than you." That's the excuse I heard all the time when employers hired someone else (usually a woman).

  5. I’m not a Cuomo fan but his his lawyer had some very valid points. This is looking more and more like a witch hunt and a plot to get him out of office. Sucks to be a white guy in 2021. Guilty or not, he is screwed.

  6. Unfortunately nothing will happen to him. He is too protected and will continue to ravage the state of New York and his ego will keep thriving on his own power. A total narcissist.

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