1. Not just russians. Anyone with eyes to see can figure out the fake good guy. This sht goes to far

  2. Who gives a fuck about what the Russians care about. Especially in war. That's what war reveals, the people who answered questions are different from people that didn't.

  3. Just like Trump, Putin’s propaganda’s speaks to the uneducated, gullible & stupid within a society.

  4. God bless America 🇺🇸 My fellow American brothers and sisters I am grateful to be apart of such a great country! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS.

  5. Russians are rallying behind Putin now just like the Germans rallied behind Hitler in 1936. We all know what happened next.

  6. Of course they support their dictator, he has fooled them like dictators always do, will this bring bread on the table? I feel sorry for the Russian people, but I understand that what they do and say, they carefully measure, because their biggest enemy, as always, is their own (not democratically chosen) government and it is essential to say what it wants to hear


  8. He said one thing that was rather interesting, maybe a slip, but an accurate one. CNN is a propaganda machine, much like a Pro Putin machine is. The New York Times propaganda machine's writer telling CNN the narrative it wants to hear, from one propaganda machine to another. Isn't what is being claimed as just much pro Biden propaganda! Now thats reporting lol

  9. it is interesting to look at people who are for peace but at the same time for the advancement of NATO to the borders of Russia, it is also very funny to watch people who choose a childish position for world peace, I will tell you a secret Putin is not a cannibal, he is a patriot and will not allow a powerful American military bloc under to stand at its borders with the name of NATO and he repeats this from the very beginning of his reign, the same thing with Ukraine, he always tried to find points of contact with Ukraine, but no, the Ukrainian heads accepted his kindness and gifts, and at the same time spread their legs in front of the USA they used Ukraine and it wasn’t enough for them that your beloved USA sponsored the Euromaidan which led to the split of the country as a result of which there was a conflict in the Donbass so it’s not Russia the aggressor, she’s just trying to save herself from your government, which never took Russia seriously

  10. I would rather see the Russian people suffering like Ukrainians… The treaties are nice and fine I'd rather

  11. I feel sorry for russia they are missing out on things like the football world cup ,the Olympics and eurovsion all these professional footballers and athletes not beening able to compete in any national contests or championships ever again all because there stupid nasty prime minister won't leave ukraine alone how many are going to have to die before the war is stopped

  12. "
    The Fox News text says that America arms its Friends , Ukraine , but
    disarms its enemies , Russia ! Would that be possible in the Reality
    that we see around us ?! No ! And it goes on to say that in this context
    The People of The USA is considered an enemy of the US State !! But how
    could that be possible ?! The People are the Government in every way in
    this Spectacular and Democratic country , The USA !! To say that the
    State is the Enemy of the People of the USA ?! Quite the contrary , they
    are Friends of Two Hundred and Fifty years of uninterrupted Democracy
    !!What happens is that, they say for reasons of control (they don't want
    to prohibit it) they want to control the sale of weapons, it could be
    as a sign of friendship and enmity between groups, whether these or
    those inside the Wonderful USA ?! NO ! It Just for to Create disorder
    to weaken the American country and its people!In addition to cleverly
    citing Russia (US citizens in that same context), as the true friend of
    the USA and Ukraine (The State of the USA) as an enemy of the American
    People and highlighting Donaldi's friendship with Putin !!These, they
    love , Fox News , manipulation and Lies , heaps of neat lies to confuse
    and are getting more and more dexterous in them skillful in them
    throughout this issue ,along on this issue , lies , with the criminal
    Donaldi !! And this is just to give an example of how they reverse
    everything to create chaos and establish, in their view, an advantage
    for themselves!!

  13. Don't believe what Putin tells! U do not need to support him. He's killing women and children. Separating them from their families in Ukraine. Bombing hospitals, schools, and places of worship. Families leave their homes with nothing to escape death. Even in the US were feeling rising prices from sanctions, but we are willing to sacrifice for them if it will help stop the war crazed Putin. He won't let u know the truth because u wouldn't support his actions! 🇺🇦+❤ Russians Against Putin

  14. No it’s simpler then that ,if you are against Putin you get locked up,possibly send to Siberia ,so people support Putin,

  15. EU: Sanctions Russian exports
    Russia: 3rd largest producer of wheat 🌾
    Russia: Sanctions EU
    EU: B!tch about Russia is using food as a weapon
    You and I: Suprise pikachu face 😆

  16. who will stop this madness of Putin? why you can not kill one man-Putin Nazi.?

    OMBUSTMAN FOR CHILDREN'S RIGHTS – Lyudmil Denisova. She was approached by people from Aleksandrovka, Kherson region, who spoke about the facts of sexual violence, reports UNN.

    "Two girls aged 12 and 15 were raped by rashists.

    Girl 6 months old, Russians raped with a teaspoon.

    Two twin boys of two years of age were at home with their mother. 5 rashists burst in, one held the mother, the rest two by two raped the kids orally and anally. The children died from lacerations and blood loss.

    A three-year-old boy was raped by two rashists in front of his mother, the child died from his injuries," the report says.

  17. Shame on NYT, I personally think nyt was paid by putin’s agents. I want to sign a petition against NYT, I believe NYT is collaborating with putin! Shame, shame on you! And by the way I am Russian

  18. The reason why the Russians are now supporting Putin is because they feel like the reason their family members are getting killed in the war is because of intervention from the west. If it wasn't for western weapons and intelligence Russia would be up in the War. The more Russian that die in the War the more the hate grows for the west especially NATO.

  19. This reporting is itself the propaganda. If you know Russians then you know not one Russian would be intimidated from speaking their minds, they are realists and unafraid. So, the poll is legit, period!

  20. At first the war was immediately exposed to the Russians causing mass protests, which all were detained, arrested, or killed. Then Putin blocked all non Russian state media to be presented into the country and is lying to his people about what’s happening.

    I saved you 6 minutes.

  21. i think its becuz russian people are pissed off at sanctions and now they think Putin is nicer than NATO

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