WHAT'S NEXT After This Up & Down New York Knicks Season?

This Knicks season is was full of high expectations and belief from the Knicks fan base, but unfortunately it did not go that way. The season ended better than it began, but WHAT’S NEXT After This Up & Down New York Knicks Season? #CK2K #Knicks #KnicksRecap

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0:00 Leon Rose Speaks (Cold Open)
4:36 Season Expectations
6:10 Injury Problems
7:14 Coaching Incompetence / Fun Season Ending
12:40 Knicks Upsides/Future
14:45 What Will We Do With Mitchell Robinson & Immanuel Quickley?
17:50 Julius Randle’s Future
19:47 I Will Miss Knicks Basketball
21:04 Final Thoughts / OUTRO

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  1. Knicks could lose possible Tom Thibodeau replacement to Hornets
    After finishing with a disappointing 37-45 record and failing to reach even the play-in tournament, the New York Knicks are expected to bring Tom Thibodeau back for a third season. He helped to lead New York to a fourth-place finish in the Eastern Conference in 2020-21 and earned NBA Coach of the Year honors for the second time in his coaching career. Many fans wanted to see Thibodeau fired after this past year wrapped up, but president Leon Rose has publicly said that he’s in support of the coach. If Thibodeau isn’t able to turn things around next season, he’ll likely be gone during the offseason, if not before. Regardless of how Knicks fans feel about Thibodeau, the hope is that New York will be back in the playoffs this time next year. However, if that doesn’t happen and Thibodeau is on his way out, the Knicks may not have many viable head coach options to choose from.
    Charlotte recently fired coach James Borrego after he spent four seasons with the Hornets. It was reported by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski on Tuesday that Charlotte would start to interview four candidates, including Mike D’Antoni and Kenny Atkinson. Will the New York Knicks regret not parting ways with Tom Thibodeau?
    D’Antoni was the head coach of New York from 2008-2012. During that span, he posted a 121-167 record before resigning in March of 2012. Wojnarowski wrote that D’Antoni’s emerged as a “serious” candidate for the Hornets’ head coach vacancy.
    “D’Antoni has been identified as a serious candidate early in the process, especially because of the possibility of pairing him with young point guard LaMelo Ball, sources said.” Because of LaMelo Ball, it’s hard to see Charlotte hiring a candidate other than D’Antoni and if that happens, unless he has a disastrous year in North Carolina, he won’t be an option for the Knicks if Thibodeau is fired in 2022-23. That is unless D’Antoni has a dire wish to return to New York. D’Antoni enjoyed success as the head coach of the Houston Rockets from 2017 to 2020, so he’s more than capable of turning a team around. On the other hand, there’s candidate Kenny Atkinson, who is an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors. He surprisingly led the Brooklyn Nets to a playoff berth in 2018-19 but was fired in March of 2020. Atkinson was replaced by Steve Nash, who was reportedly a favorite of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Like D’Antoni, Atkinson has spent time with the Knicks. He was an assistant coach with the team from 2008 to 2012. If he doesn’t receive a head coaching job this summer and is still available next season, New York could look to bring him back to Madison Square Garden if Thibodeau is let go.
    Atkinson was interviewed by the Knicks in 2020, but as we all know, the organization opted for Thibodeau over him. Depending on how the upcoming year plays out, Atkinson could get another opportunity with the Knicks.
    Hopefully, New York won’t have to worry about a head coaching vacancy next season, but that’s going to require a change of mindset on Thibodeau’s end. He has a positive relationship with the Knicks’ younger players, but their on-court development should be of importance. If 2022-23 plays out anything like 2021-22 did, New York will be on the hunt once again. And hopefully, all of the good options won’t be unavailable.

  2. The one thing I don’t like or understand from this season was the whole Kemba Walker situation. We made this huge deal about him “coming home” only to bench him 15 games in. And it’s not like he was playing horrendous the whole time… so I just don’t get what went wrong
    Same thing with Rivers last year. He purposely chose to sign here, had some great first times, then slid (like all no.1/2 options do). Next thing you know his minutes decrease more and more until their benched the whole season. In rivers case literally traded

  3. No disrespect to Taj , but TAJ WAS

  4. Ahhhhhhhh, if only Thibs was leaving… I wonder if hes a grade A assistant coach at this point. Unless hes willing to start next season they way he ended this one, Im not looking forward to his coaching style… I feel like were one of the last few teams figuring out the obvious, play your youth.. Even Popovich is playing his youth well… Thibs needs to finally adjust,, please!

  5. Finally getting around to this, but of course going 7-3 to end the year would happen. I called it, this franchise is dumb man. If they don’t flip randle I’m out on next year and Burks played well with the young dudes. Wishing we find a way to trade up in the draft

  6. I'm done with Thibbs he's a VHS and in my opinion he has a low coaching IQ. I don't get how he was able to keep his job I pray that if we start off bad that they fire his ass ASAP

  7. I'm frustrated just wondering how much better Rj, Quickly, Obi, Mitch, Grimes would have been playing together, how much better that chemistry would have been. We were never winning a conference this year, we should have been playing for next year and the years after

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