Violent, deadly weekend in Chicago

Eight people were injured during a mass shooting in Burnside on the South Side, were among at least 47 other shot in Chicago weekend violence. FULL STORY HERE:


  1. Young people don't know this but in the 60s when white people lived in area it was safe & clean. This behavior is why we left.

  2. Clearly, dem community policing does not work. Neither does defunding your police department. Way to go, Chicago. How does it feel to have your babies shot dead in your streets? Wake up, people. Democrats are not your friends.

  3. Idiots keep voting democrats like magically it’ll work some day hahaha crazy is repeating the same stupidity over and over

  4. Any description of the shooters ? Also, remember the police can't chase or shoot at them just in case it's a group of 12-15 yr olds. 😨🤤

  5. Decades of violence with no end in sight. Statistics are going up and up and up. Morgues are probably doing better than McDonalds. They may as well change the name of Chicago to Cadaver City.

  6. Chicago you need to get that body count up we want triple digets by Christmas 🎄🎄
    We have a office pool going $700.00 buck

  7. Put a large fence around that
    city and let them have at it. People make their own path. So be it.

  8. Press conference dont do nuffen get out and arrest the people committing crimes long jail sentences 5 yrs plus anything with a gun 10 yrs no early release

  9. Don't give me that b***** about Democrat and Republican. When ugly man Donald Trump was president the crime was still high in Chicago.

  10. There should be a checklist of things you need to do before having kids
    1: Graduate high school
    2: Have a good undestanding of budgeting and how finances work in general
    3: Full time employment for the father and at least part time employment for the mother
    4: Be married, both be working towards agreed upon goals, and actually get along with each other

    That is the absolute minimum people shoud do before even think about getting pregnant. Of course there will be statistical outliers, I grew up in a single family household because one of parents died when I was 4 years old. The cycle of poverty, despair, and violence will continue to go on as long as people don't do what makes sense.

  11. Man I live near Chicago.. I used to love going there to visit. It's like a… Different place… A Hellhole city….

  12. This is old news , the new record is weekend of June 25th to 27th 2021, there were 74 people shot , 6 kiled not to mention the carjackings, that particular weekend the weather was horrible , flash floods tornados , heavy rains, and power outages , covered Chicago, somehow they still managed to break the record , go figure ?

  13. Lightfoot's Chicago is the Capital of open season and you don't even need a Hunting License !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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