Vaccine Bonanza in Jamaica | 11 Persons Have Died After Being Vaccinated – July 30 2021

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  1. A whe unnu waste money a buy so much vaccine fah any body ask unnu fi vaccine. The one weh unnu dump unnu should take a third fouth fifth and drink the rest and stop force people against their will.

  2. What good another parish is going to do to Jamaica? please answer me that, there’re more important things that need to take care of, get to that.

  3. A nurse who was ministering the vaccines to others, when it just arrive here, and who begged not to tell her name, say the vacvine is nit watery like other is think and very unusual. This cause to a thickness on the bloodstream.that block oxigen from flowing and cause heart attack. He urge people not to let anyone force you to take. Another young lady took the vaccine, felt sick for 3 days, when back to the doctor , they gave her another one, now she is paralized and bedridden. usuing pampas for everything.

  4. If u had salt to water you get a different solution. How can you say the vaccine had nothing to do with deaths.

  5. It has been proven that people who are vaccinated, contract and spread the virus faster than those that have not taken it! So come again. how are the unvaccinated a threat?

  6. Who is that man called Tufton. Is he for real. He is too manicured and perfect. Deomn in disguise. You are the threat.

  7. From a child, I always wonder why in the house of representatives those members of parliament sounds like a pen of hungry hogs. I ignored , I was asked by some children under 10yrs of age from multiple nationalities .
    How can someone in leadership has pigs behaviors .
    I froze.

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