Update: Defense introduces the takeaway bucket, offensive line ready for pads | Chicago Bears

Lauren Screeden has your latest team news after the Bears completed their second day of practice at Dr Pepper Zero Sugar Training Camp.

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  1. Lovey Smith always stressed takeaways and with him they were also right at the top of the league. It really does have to be a dominant mindset, second only to your initial assignment. I like the blue bucket idea – makes everyone compete to get a ball in there and feel on every snap that they have to make a play!

  2. I am really trying to stay positive this season but is there anything more Bears or Nagy then, “Miami has a cool gold chain we should do something similar like a nondescript blue tub”.

  3. Take away bucket?….okay. I know HC Nagy wants more turnovers, causing fumbles and picks by the D but a take away bucket? Nagy needs to come up with something better for the Bears D. Just sayin'

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