Unvaccinated New York City employees face termination over Covid-19 protocols

New York City is set to fire up to 3,000 municipal workers who have not complied with the city’s Covid-19 guidance that they be vaccinated. CNN’s Athena Jones reports. #CNN #News


  1. Imagine a vaccine so safe, you have to threaten people to take it, with a virus thats so deadly, you have to be tested to see if you have said deadly virus.

  2. Ever since the start of the global vaccine rollout in January 2021, some experts have been crying out against mass and rapid vaccination of populations in the midst of a raging pandemic. If they are right, this will go on creating more variants and prolonging the pandemic. So far, it is looking like it, and God help us! Thank you CNN for this report, and with this song of hope I pray for God's swift intervention to end this pandemic: https://youtu.be/bB4SxYOyDBg

  3. Our Country is in the middle of a Terrorists attack here in America on the homeland and the Terrorists are trying to bring slavery back with their mandatory mask experimental vaccine lockdown studies on the American people similar to the Nazis and the holocaust wow smh Warpspeed get them terrorists out of our country now please

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  5. Why is it that an experimental vaccine that comes with a waiver that denies you any recourse in the event of an adverse reaction is not seen as the snake oil that it is?

  6. @@@@It's silly how all the medical workers where all that gear then go home to their families who've been around everyone all day lol no one is buying this Illuminati crap…

  7. Yet you all still vote for these clowns. I literally moved because of this. Lived in the north east. Now I'm in Florida where everything is back to normal and we are all fine

  8. This disease needs to end! I don't even know what I'm going to do with my life… I go every day to find a job and I can't find it… I don't even have money for rent

  9. No government entity should be told what they can or cannot do with their body. Abortion, gay marriage, getting vaccines EVERYTHING. If the business wants to tell you to be vaccinated great that’s their business abd their choice as the owner of the business. Not the governments

  10. If the purpose of vaccine mandates is to stop the spread of covid in a population, and we know vaccinated people still spread covid to others….the mandates are not based on science.

  11. The brainwashing is working. Take a vaccine that can't protect you or anyone around you anyway cause I told you to. If you dare disobey you are a racist or homophobic or something.

  12. So the vaccine prevents you from getting it? "No"
    Ok. Sooo it must prevent the spread of it? "Also…No."
    So wtf is the mandate for? "To cripple the economy and keep the drug companies record stock numbers up."
    Ahh ok. Gotcha.

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