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रिपब्लिक का अब वही भरोसा हिंदी में भी. जुड़ें सही और सटीक खबरों के लिए सिर्फ रिपब्लिक.भारत के साथ.
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  1. भारत पूछता नहीं है सिधे मीडिया को कूचता है
    दोस्तों इसके हरेक वीडियो पर ज्यादा डिसलाइक आते हैं इसलिए इन्होने LIKE & DISLIKE बन्द कर रखा है

  2. After running war,if different condition happen at that time what we will do that we dont know upto today.Mystry is remaining with running illegal sexual intercourse,easy money and knowledge yoga terrorism side by side globally.

  3. News padhne waliko kha se dhoond ke laya ye news walone yar kya padhne ka tarika asha lokago news nehi de rahe hai yeshe padhne se darba dete hai inki awaaz me qoivi interested baat Nehi plz chenge kiziye pandhneka tarhika 😀😃😀😡

  4. No wonder when our news channels will actually start delivering straightforward“News” and not not make the reporters blabber unnecessary Sh*t ! I can’t even watch the video for 5 seconds straight.

  5. Sale tum midya Wale itna jhut koyo bolte ho Rasya ko aam logo ko marne se kaya fayda hoga wo vahi waar karta hai jaha se un par waar hota hai tum sale Pasha khaa kar jhut bolte ho

  6. Oo mam hme sunai de rha h bhre nhi h dhire bolo itna chillla kr apna khun jla rhe😡😡😡 yhi karan h midia walo ko gali pdhne ka hrkt hi kukur jesa h bhokna Rai ka phadh jitni bdhi news nhi utna to chillkr bdha kr dia aisa lg rha

  7. 💀👹👽Evil Putin uses Ukrainians as guinea pigs for his own aggression. 🤒🤒 NATO/EU/UN pls takes action to stop Putin brutal dehumantize attack. Otherwise Today's Ukraine will be tomorrow EU.

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