Trump Loyalists Want Liz Cheney And Adam Kinzinger Out Of GOP Caucus

Trump loyalists on the Hill want Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger out of the House GOP Caucus. Plus, House Republicans staged a protest over mask mandates on the Hill. Michael Steele and Juanita Tolliver have some thoughts about all of that.
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  1. We are trying to cover this insurrection up and you two are ruining it!!!!!!! We want you out! All hail The Orange One! THIS IS CRAZY TOWN!!! (kicks them into large open pit)

  2. These people aren't really Trump loyalists–they just use Trump as their rationale for being right wing extremists who have no regard for the people they serve. They are only concerned about how much money they can generate and fill their personal coffers and spend illegally. The only thing Trump ever did as President was to give the congressional a$$holes (and others) of the world permission to be as corrupt and narcissistic as he is. We no longer seem to live in a rational, sane country; but one that is hellbent on destroying all of the principles of our Constitution in order to satisfy thegreed and desire for power of the extremists.

  3. Yes they should..start realist party with no lying or distorting reality and stand for the good will of the people who put them there. End GOP…stand for whats real and notlying and criminality with dark money agendas

  4. If they ignore the subpoenas they should be put in jail and fined. Didn’t the Texas Governor said when Texas Democrats return they will be arrested and forced to vote. I hope the Democrats refuses to vote and are silent. If they are arrested Americans will have their backs. Thanks Democrats for not voting for election suppression. Since they are only paid about $700 dollars for the session I applaud them for protecting our voting rights. Vote every republicans out except the two who are on the January sixth commission.

  5. Why is every republican a “trump” supporter. Honestly, it’s starting to hold as little weight as the word “racisim.” Maybe they are just too extremist for the party.

  6. This country is a joke. Watching rich kids go back and forth with their childish behavior. Who pays the price Americans lives and our democracy. Look how the mighty have fallen.

  7. They learned from Trump to fire , replace and attack people that aren't 100 % in agreement with the narrative . It takes away free speech and imposes their will on others .

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