1. You nailed it.. the reason I'm not a fan of Jimmy.. he's content with just dinking and dunking.. and can't throw the deep pass downfield.. he doesn't even scramble out of the pocket to extend plays

  2. A highly-undervalued aspect by NFL staffs is the preparatory work their #1 defenses receive from facing younger, more talented quarterbacks. Players like Trey Lance emulate the array of skills and real challenges present in today's game. Some examples:

    Matthew Stafford has a powerul arm and is willing to distribute the rock to every corner of the field in a "multiple" Rams scheme.

    Russell Wilson utilizes his mobility to abide time, reach his 3rd and 4th reads, and throw the intermediate to deep ball with precision.

    Kyler Murray's playbook consists of designed runs. I have firmly believed that Trey, in any NFL uniform, immediately becomes the third best running QB in the league, just behind Kyler.

    Considering the 49ers have stated they will field a championship roster, it may be critical to prepare the defense for the level of competition they will actually witness.

    Diamonds cut diamonds.

  3. Grant, Jimmy G. 1st 5 possession, Punt,Punt, Interception, Fumble, field goal. 3 points vs Trey Lance 35 points

  4. They would be foolish to start Lance over Jimmy G. There's no rush. The only way Trey starts is if Jimmy gets hurt………..AGAIN! Or, Jimmy plays like crap during the season, and then they have no choice but to start him. Otherwise, let Jimmy play out the year and then hand the keys to the kid in 2022.

  5. I think they should STILL START Garoppolo early. The 1st 2 games are against weak competition and Garoppolo 'should' look good against them. (trade value)

  6. Grant… Iggy… you need to position your face so it looks like you're wearing the giant helmet. What are you even doing with your life? There is only one way to do this kind of video, and that's so the helmet looks like it's on your head.

  7. Wow. This is so exciting to hear. Maybe the understudy or the 2nd string QB should be Rosen. With all due respect to Jimmy, l say trade him now and use the cap space to get some better corners. It sounds like that may be the Niners weakest position, of course with the exception of Verrett.

  8. I've been a Niner fan for decades I have no faith in Jimmy G… Trey has the skills and talent that contributes and compliments our offense! My personal belief is that Trey is key to getting us to the Superbowl!

  9. Everyone who is going gaga over Lance if he does start and gets hurt or it blows up his confidence where yall gonna be at?

  10. Lmao the way you describe jimmy g set with your misses as of now your a coach. Lol I’m rooting for Trey but you lay it on heavy when talking about jimmy g

  11. Well I mean isn't Jimmy going against a top 5 defense? That's not saying the 2's suck but still it's not the same. I love Trey and want him to succeed but the 1's are different

  12. Having Lance practice with the first team should help our defense get better at defending mobile quarterbacks. Win win for both sides!

  13. Jimmy, it’s been a lot of fun but, here in the Not For Long, I hope you understand, It’s time to say Goodby 👋!

  14. Are practices full contact, like can the defense hit the QB? Trey needs to face the full strength of our 1st string defense.

  15. Oh jimmy fans are crying right now. They’re all asking we’re any of lances completions wobbly? If so, jimmy is better. 😂😂 We all wonder what team they’ll be rooting for when Garoppolo leaves

  16. Grant, You are doing a great job. This is purely friendly grammar criticism. Your spoken grammar is generally better than my own. Early in this video you reference Jimmy, Trey, then use the pronoun "him" wrongly referring to Jimmy. IIRC a pronoun refers to the last proper name that appeared, in this case Trey. So instead of "him" you should have said "Jimmy" again.

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