TODAY NEWS 🔴 आज १० गतेका मुख्य समाचार Nepali Samachar । Today Nepali News | 25 July 2021

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🔴 ताजा खबर नेपाली
🔴 आजको मुख्य समाचार
🔴 नेपाली फटाफट समाचार
🔴 हरेक खबर , खबर बुलेटिन
🔴 इन्फो खबर
🔴 न्युज २४ नेपाल
🔴 नेपाली समाचार लाइभ दिन भरिका समाचार
🔴 आजका ठुला समाचार , आजको हेडलाइन

ताजा खबर नेपाली , आजको मुख्य समाचार , नेपाली फटाफट समाचार , हरेक खबर , खबर बुलेटिन , इन्फो खबर , न्युज २४ नेपाल , नेपाली समाचार लाइभ दिन भरिका समाचार ,


  1. युत फाेरस ले किन गड बानदन सरकार कलाय काम गरनु नदिनु ।के जहिले ये।मन।ले
    देशमा धलिमलि गरने साेच राखनु गलत हाे।
    बसनेत ले यसताे भननु धेरे््।गलत हुने छ ।

  2. aja vaya  ko bachelor first year ko  exam rada  garnu par xa euta bench ma 5 jana sama rakni  nikai nai abyabasthit exam vaya ko xa  yasma parrixa maha sakha kodhya jwos ra re exam ko byabastha gari yos

  3. Mahesh Basnet should not say and do 'stoking fires all over the nation.' If you don't like Deuba's program then go and stoke fire his house and his behind, but must not terrorize poor people.

  4. Remember, Biplab terrorist group killed the school teacher Rajendra Shrestha. Justice must be served. Communism is evil. Only low IQ individuals convert to the world rejected Marxism today. Communists may entertain any grand theory, but that does not give them the divine right to terror, loot and murder. Especially, when there is the peaceful, democratic political process available.
    Let us compare:

    A. North Korea: No freedom, per capita income $ 2,000

    Soviet Russia, East Germany, Yugoslavia, Maoist China

    B. South Korea: Democracy, per capita income $ 40,000

    Truncated Russia, United Germany, Check map for Yugoslavia, Post Deng Xiao Ping China

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