'Things are going to get worse': Dr. Anthony Fauci | ABC News

Jonathan Karl interviews Dr. Anthony Fauci on “This Week.”

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  1. Oh shut up, this evil clown has lost all credibility along time ago. Time to wake up and realize we are being conditioned and stripped of all our God given rights and freedoms all in the name of safety. God help us all.

  2. If you took the vax you are 1300 percent more likely to contract delta varient than those who actually survived cov19

  3. Why are things going to get worse
    FOOCHI? are your deep state goons
    Going from cityto city wiping the poison you paid China to engineer
    On door handles?

  4. Its perfect/ put the guy who paid China to produce and unleash this
    Poison on the planet earth in charge

  5. Seriously? They haven’t outlawed alcohol. Alcoholism effects the families, the workplace and other drivers on the road. Why isn’t it considered a public health hazard? Drinking alcohol is a matter of personal choice.

  6. Yes, because there's no lock down. Schools are reopening. Why do we need to go through this again? Vaccination is not helping to subside cases of covid. Kids are not ready for vaccination. What is wrong with u people. Leaders never learned anything from the begginning.

  7. As long as we stay open, long haulers and break through cases will death. Dr FAuci doesnt know, John why are you asking him? Because of miss information from the liberal media more will die everyday. project that by end of 2021 700K deaths from delta variant..

  8. How is the pace of vaccination good news if it doesn't stop transmission??? Oh I get it he means good news for Fauci and his big pharma gang 🤮

  9. Wont get worse for me. It will be bad for anyone who trys to make me take the vaccine. Yall can be stupid labrats. I'm not goin for that

  10. Fauci is correct things are gonna get worse if he does not control that diarrhea coming out of his mouth. The Dr. is a total fraud and sold his soul to the deep state.

  11. They keep saying infect other people but them other people don’t care either if y’all got these shots everywhere right?! Just let it go no one cares about it.

  12. Screw this little twerp. Nothing more than a liar out to make millions from the vaccines. Could care less about the truth or our health.

  13. I would believe this guy….. somehow he knew Trump would have to deal with a pandemic long before it started…… seems fishy to me

  14. Mandates are morally and spiritually wrong for America and the world. No human should ever be forced or coerced by their employer, school or government to have a medical procedure, including vaccines, against their will.

  15. Well let us be more clear .
    Fauci & NIH & media & lier doctors let down people in a very critical time which caused so many lives lost..
    They abandoned their duties and responsibilities??
    All their focus on spreading fear and pass lies..
    They have not told people what to do but to die in silence..
    They talk in the name of science while they don't tell what science tells ..
    What science tells about high level of vitamin D3 ..C..E
    What science tells about quercetin ?
    What science tells about Zinc in covid2 ??
    What science tells about hydroxy chloroquine with zinc ?
    What science tells about ivermectin ?

    They distort all scientific evidence and information, suppressed any data regarding the study or even the medicines and treatment protocols which used successfully in so many countries..

    Then they supported the new invented unknown long term side effects , engineered vaccine which even hasn't been tested enough or passed the required protocols for vaccine production..
    Unapproved by FDA but authorized for emergency use only. Which means unsafe!
    Then they want to make it mandatory ?? Against the law and the rules of the vaccination ?
    Moreover the vaccinated people get covid again and they transfer the virus..and mortality among them in new variant are more than unvaccinated..

    yet they keep on their lies and black out all the beneficial information, medicines..and studies !

    We have been losing precious lives !

    Not to forget who financially supported the Chinese labs to play with animal virus and genetically engineered it to become human transmitted.
    What is going on??????

  16. Of course things are going to get worse! This Jesuit who never even took a shot just got saline, he’s going to do his job especially that job being depopulation

  17. Fauci should debate Geert van den Bosch publicly for us to hear the facts being discussed and us making informed decisions for our children and ou own bodies

  18. More vaccinations more lockdowns. Stop vaccinations and remove immunity for vaccine makers, and pandemic will be over.

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