Thieves Ransack Louis Vuitton Store in San Francisco Union Square

Police officers in San Francisco responded to Union Square Friday night following reports of looting and vandalism at retail stores there. Kenny Choi reports. (11-19-21)


  1. This is what "voting blue no matter who" gets you… it goes from the top to the bottom of these Democrats, they elect these district attorneys that are so woke they don't want to seem racist by putting a black person in jail even if they commit a crime 46 times… their woke bulshit policies keep people awake at night

  2. If I owned a store in sf this would never happen. Ak47 would be used frequently. Sf is unfortunate a liberal city an they are ruining America.

  3. Now i know where the Black Janitor of my Apartment was .. He was robbing the Louis Vuitton store robbing them T J Evans has been telling me that he has had the Best year ever robbing cars and stores this season . T J is the Black janitor of my building at 1030 Post street in the city thats run by a CROOKED DIRTY organization called VPM MANAGEMENT. With their Head office down in Irvine , California . The Head Witch of that Company is Called Rose the Horndog witch .

  4. And let this sink in …not only is a business destroyed but the criminals have become rich in a matter of moments. …? heavy police presence?…maybe I'm not hearing that right.

  5. KPIX, ask some pointed question to your Marxist, Leninist mayor about the San Fran cesspool experiment. Quit being empty suits, department store dummies, ask questions that matter and reflect the dystopia of San. Fran.

  6. This is what happens when you cut everybody's EDD, lay people off work because of what yourgreedy & Lazyass feel…. SO DON'T BE AN ASSHOLEtopeople & this won't happen . it's the racist society

  7. It absolutely breaks my heart that people are doing this. People don't under the effort time and craftsmanship that goes into some of these pieces. To some people they are Priceless. They are literally taking away months of a persons life. Fashion is the one thing that makes people feel beautiful and liberates them from their fears and sadness. I sure hope these stores become for inventive to stop these savages from breaking into their stores. These people are Punks which is the lowest level of living. The gods of Fashion are not pleased…

  8. I would go to prison for murder if I owned a place in San Fran. They think insurance will just cover shit with no strings attached. You watch all the insurance companies have raised the rates for any store in San Francisco because of this

  9. Only a foolish nation would steal and degrade a people, then request not to be looted 400 years into building museums dedicated to anthropological theft.

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