1. who wants to go to downtown these days? give me a break. that place is not pleasant as it used to be.. lease say safe..

  2. Time to use the ole tried and true method…No one in without an ID….like the airport…no one enters unless they have a picture ID….Lori has an eating vaccine ID mandate now, sounds a bit more illegal but I have to show an ID to get a package at the post office so it should be for entering malls or any store with these issues…

  3. Yeah who wants to go open up a business in an area where criminals don't get prosecuted or don't get locked up. When you have a catch-and-release program with no consequences for criminal Behavior people don't want to open a business is there. Maybe if the Institute stronger punishments were if you commit crimes you have to go to jail businesses would come back and open up.

  4. Start with getting rid of Lightfoot and her minions then reinstate the police teams they disbanded! Then appoint a DA who really understands the rule of law instead of simping to criminals! That’s a start!

  5. It’s really incredibly simple; Get rid of Lightfoot & Kim Foxx. Police actually do their job, criminal prosecutors actually do their job, constitutional carry.

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