The repair shop aiming to fix throwaway culture – BBC News

This repair shop in Glasgow, Scotland is giving a second lease of life to a range of items from clothes to broken mobile phones.

“We want to see a radical change to throwaway culture,” says Sophie Unwin, from Remade Network, the social enterprise behind the shop.

Remade want to encourage people to rethink the way they use and consume everyday items.

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  1. I love this culture.

    Among my social group, it's shameful to repair things because supposedly only poor people do. It's annoying that people congratulate me when my stuff breaks, "That's great! You get to go shopping!"

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  3. The problem with modern electronics is that everything is integrated. You have a faulty memory module or key switch on a laptop? You have to replace the entire laptop. Its crazy.

  4. You know what the key is really for people to cherish for they own. If they batter the item, they are not in the mindset of repair means money saving and creating less waste.

  5. You have to first have something worth preserving to inhibit the throwaway society we have made, and the time for that is well past by its very definition of ‘throwaway’…unless you count the likes of Barbie dolls. The BBC has long invested in a cultural throwaway society and leads the way in it with junk brainfood such as Eastenders and endless endless sexual innuendo bake-off cooking programmes, news trivia propaganda and mindless children’s shows.

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  7. Great stuff. I have been repairing my own stuff since 1980, to save money. And so my 43 year old home made speakers that I threw together in 1978, are still working and sounding as good as new, after I replaced the outer foam rings in the woofers. Each speaker has one 15" woofer, 2 mid-range drivers, and 4 tweeters. Plus I repaired my 1976 Heathkit AA-1506 stereo audio power amplifier, my 1987 Denon DCD-900 CD player, my DVD player, my Sony MDR-XD200 headphones, Electric shaver, Vacuum cleaner, Toaster, Microwave oven, Danby Simplicity SAC5250 air conditioner( working at this very minute despite being 19 1/2 years old), Lenovo 6138A17 computer, Computer printer, Computer keyboard, Samsung flat screen TV, Foldable shopping cart (Now has new and better wheels and other repairs), my Palm m505 handheld personal digital assistant, my 1992 Casio DPX-300 Watch, and my 1986 Heathkit HERO 2000 (ET-19) robot. Despite their age, all of these items are still up and going.

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  9. I do repair ovens and white goods regularly , it’s very simple to do and a fraction of what a new item would be and less environmental impact. I struggle to see the business viability for all goods however.

  10. I remember some years ago while on a train in India, a woman in my cabin had a leather bag with a torn strap. In the west it would have been thrown out or it would have cost a lot of money and time to repair. Suddenly a you man showed up who offered his services to repair the bag. He squatted down and looked at it for a minute and then took out some tools from his little bag. He took the bag apart, fixed the torn strap, and sowed it all back together. The 6 of us in the cabin were all flabbergasted at his skill. He charged less than $1 for his work. It was truly amazing. We need to do this as well in the west. Too much waste.

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  15. Should we have a tax on new durable items? Raises their price, making it more sensible to repair items. The tax could be directed to train and support people who do he repairs, making that career a viable choice. We definitely should have the cost of recycling electronics collected at point of sale so that people would know the real cost of ownership.

  16. Too much consumption of materialism can lead to such wasted energy when repairable electric and electronic products are thrwown away as electronic waste to be recycled or dumped in the ground causing more and more destruction to the living environment on this planet, because more manufacturing such products means more pollution, and more consumption of energy from burning polluting fossil fuels and more unmanageable and dangerous neuclear waste
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