Thailand News Today | worker camp woes, 'fake news' crackdown | July 30

An extension of the sealed construction worker camps problem in greater Bangkok is now looming in Phuket as the local provincial government closes down entry and exit from the ramshackle accommodation areas. Starting today, the Thai government has clamped down on media from spreading fake or distorted news that might cause fear pertaining to the Covid outbreak. Koh Samui’s re-opening plan, Samui Plus, may be cancelled if the Covid-19 situation worsens over the next 2 weeks.

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  1. JETT – is that your office? Table tennis during news breaks?? So very Silicon Valley! Do y'all get free massages? 😁😁😁

  2. Monitoring news outlets is a matter of national security. Failure to do so here in the US has literally caused society to come undone and to begin collapsing.

  3. Tim
    I normally watch Thaiger News on tv : unfortunately you cannot get the information you put on the bottom of your video

    I turned to my mobile Thaiger app again the information I wanted regarding donations wasn’t available

    I have now turned to my mobile again to see whether YouTube can give me the information I require to donate

    Ps The song was very good : I am strong

  4. One thing I notice about Thaiger – is that he focuses too much on lockdown news. He doesn't feature – or even acknowledge – the work of common people – or government workers – who are trying to make things better. Why doesn't he reach out to his local political leadership and ask for an interview? Someone accidentally make an intelligent post…. How do we know Thairger is even in Thailand? It seems like he's in Hong Kong.

  5. How are the daily infected numbers created? Are those counts of people (who have symptoms) visiting an hospital ER room? Or is it that number multiplied by a statistically created factor – say 100? Eh, we never see hundreds of sick people. We're just supposed to believe they are there.

  6. What a bunch of crap, they are destroying the economy and starving the Thai people over a Bull$hit V!ru$!!!

  7. So where are the reported 400,000 vaccines sent by the UK Government going ? British Expats? VIP's? Hi So's? Thai people that really need them??

  8. Wow! That Phuket Sand box is looking really attractive now. It's essentially a new colour TV which only shows black and white programs.

  9. My mind's honestly blown that some of these commenters' heads are so far up their rectal cavities that they think The Thaiger is a government mouthpiece. Yeah guys, PM Chan-O-Cha was super excited to tell everyone how the Phuket sandbox was making folks pay for a in-room quarantine out of pocket with no logistical support. 🙄🙄

  10. Dear Sir/ Madam. Good day. I would like to request you to help Myanmar Covid patients in Yangon and in Mandalay Oxygen shortage and Medicine shortage if you can.Because there are those problems in Myanmar now.

  11. Hi love your news report and follow daily. Can you comment on any update on ten year visa for forgeiners with $500k investment..?

  12. I see the photos of staged covid deaths in the streets of Thailand.. best one was he parked his motorcycle on the stand lay next to it dead. only 5% of Thais have taken the jib jab.. scare people into having the jab.. what gives it away.. is you don't see anyone falling over in Europe..USA…UK falling over in streets dead..

  13. A man who worships the institution that provides his bread, is always burden with the inclination to sell out his own country and feel no remorse about his behavior.

  14. World wide fascism! Take the vaccine! Can't say anything bad about the vaccine! The UK is a fucking fascist state now as well, trying to ban protest and journalists that whistleblow against the government

  15. So it's the media's fault now for the fumbling of the government's handling of a pandemic? Reporting the truth has become a crime. Are there any freedoms left for the Thai people? I'm asking for a friend.

  16. Thank you I'm looking forward to seeing these stories on how people are being helped. I particularly like the government program that is helping people return to their local province.

  17. And no one is holding china accountable. Not 1 word. They knew they were working on the virus they knew they were infected but let it

  18. Focus should be on global inflation that is accelerating. It's much worse than I ever imagined. Global currencies are losing their value currently as products and service prices rise making them unaffordable for many, especially transportation. Brent crude prices recently hit $75+ a barrel more than double from a year ago at $35.74. Global Airlines, Food transporters, all businesses and you are being affected with accelerated prices, more restrictions, and natural disasters. Businesses are being shuttered, along with currency buying power and a time may come transportation may have to close their businesses too, without global financial aid. Few are prepared.

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