Teen shot in NYC mall as shoppers scramble for safety

Kemberly Richardson reports a 16-year-old was shot in the leg inside the Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Brooklyn Monday afternoon, sending shoppers scrambling for safety.

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  1. Racially motivated can you explain why black and white people were there the democrats keep lying!

  2. Please don't get upset with me anyone but technically everyone around is suppose to attack. 1?2?3 vs 1 ends it WAYYY faster. Won't be able to bust multiple caps. Agree to disagree

  3. These kids nowadays know nothing about settling disputes without violence. U can't argue with nobody in this time. U can get shot or killed or hurt. It's bad enough that there's a pandemic going on. All this violence needs to stop.

  4. If you carry illegal guns that you shoot at someone and miss,they need to do at least 5 years in jail minimum. If hit 10 yrs or killed then LIFE

  5. Man! I remember taking the 44 bus to the mall when I was 13 to meet up with friends…times have changed!!

  6. This same thing just happened in a mall in Massachusetts. The victim died and the young man that did the shooting is on the run

  7. Kings Plaza needs to close, just cause not what it used to be. But it's NYC, those guys are already back on the streets, since the victim lived, charge will be reduced to a misdemeanor they will get a date to return to court sometime this year. On to their next crime

  8. Just in time for Blk history months. Malcolm x & Marcus Garvey must be turning in his grave witnessing this type of bafoonary

  9. BLM. he's just trying to stop people from looting. defund the police and judicial system this would not happen

  10. Wait! Guns are illegal in New York City! There is no gun crime there, they have the strictest gun laws in the world! Must be a mistake…

  11. Defund the police and bail reform a democratic America 🇺🇸 less police and and let the criminal right back out and people wonder why crime sky rocked all over the country.

  12. Alot has changed since I left 🤔🤔🤔actually don't miss it still looks depressing 😕

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