Teen killed, 2 officers injured in Dolton police shooting, crash | ABC7 Chicago

A 19-year-old woman died and two police officers were seriously injured in Dolton after a wild confrontation with police ended in a shooting and crash. Full story:


  1. Body cam & store surveillance show her violently smashing the drive-thru window with a sword (?), cops asked her to get out, tried to get her keys, she hit the gas, which could be using the car as a deadly Weapon.

  2. Did the officer assult the teen by punching her before she fled in fear. What does the body cam show? Is there any evidence of a gun on the body cam? Or did it mysteriously appear after they shot and killed someone fleeing from them?

  3. For how many times I see a vehicle stopped where cops are near it then it takes off you would think they could place something on or near the wheel that would wrap the wheel in a nylon strap to prevent it from spinning.

  4. Her behavior and actions CAUSED her death. I hope the police are all ok, make full recoveries, and do not get in any trouble. Family members of the girl should take responsibility for her behavior instead of blaming the police.

  5. He was under the influence of something there's video of her being in on the window of the drive-thru and they found a gun in the car I don't know why they did not show the footage or why did they not tell you that they found a gun I just trying to push a narrative

  6. The TV station done seen the tape and they still spinning the race soldiers lie. Ain’t no body get dragged, she didn’t have a gun n the brothers involved including the the fool making the statement are wrong

  7. Why did the officer punch her in the face? I don't see anyone talking about that, maybe that was the reason she took off because she got assaulted.

  8. I can only imagine the number of racist black people here trying to blame the cops. and I say racist because of this has been a white girl none of these black people will be here talking. they literally only care about their own skin color.

  9. The girl was half naked, acting irrationally in a drive thru, refused to do as she was told, dragged an officer, and it was reported by the Restruant workers she had a gun! I don’t see a scenario where this could’ve ended any differently, sorry, but she did this to herself. I wonder if her family would be so quick to jump on the bandwagon if she had killed an officer or the bike shop owner?

  10. So hundreds of white people, January 6th, threaten the life of Senators and beat DC capital cops and only 1 person is killed( in self defens). But 1 cop is drug because he grabbed the vehicle and the black female teen dies. GTFOOH. And you motherfuc|<ers saying it her fault, GTFOOH.!!!!

  11. I feel terrible. Looks like a few of some really nice bikes got destroyed. Hope she had insurance to help pay for the damages. At times like these, we should really sit back and reflect on what matter most. The bikes. Bike lives matter too

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