Target Cuts Store Hours in San Francisco Due to Shoplifting Surge

Target has cut back operating hours at its stores in San Francisco because of rampant and increasingly brazen incidents of shoplifting at certain locations in the city. Andria Borba reports. (7-2-21)


  1. Here in Portugal super markets can rent police officers staying certain hours in their shops to avoid theft. They normally stay near the cashier to avoid assault. It works good here. Also some police stations are inside shopping centers so they can faster react in case of a crime.

  2. "Mom, why did that guy take so many things off the shelves and just walked out? Can I do the same?" "You cannot, son. These are priviledged people. They were born with priviledges. Police revere them."

  3. Everyone retailer should leave SF, leaving consumers with nothing to buy. Then, the politicians would do something about robbers. Just disgusting to seen hordes of criminals taking things off the shelves with impunity. This is not Nigeria.

  4. 2:30 Will that person PAY back:
    the stolen item,
    the salary to file & follow-up the complaint, and
    a bonus to the stressed guard & clerks?
    I bet she won't make them do that, yet she complain.

  5. The corporations own the confines of the building they only need to create entry , and robust internal security response..the public will support by coming in should also be extended to carpark and adjacen t entry exit areas. Corperate funding of local police presence could accomplish this. ZERO tolerance and banning serial trouble win..

  6. Double door airlocks…pose for face/voice regognition stating of name to reciept and goods to leave..freedom for workers ,customers and business to continue as normal.

  7. A city full of drug addicts left to do what they want ..and lawmakers too lazy to their job. Theres NO staffing or community. Cutting hours is a solution. Youre not helping the citizens in the area with the rampant crime.

  8. Liberal leaders are idiots. They really are sitting there wondering "How could this happen" BTW, the change in hours will end when the lease is up and they don't renew. SF will look like Mad Max before too long and the leaders will say it must be racisim.

  9. the people are just taking what they need . its okay to do that no matter what . and if people in the stores try to stop them . they are just trump loving racist bootlickers

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