Suspects busted after attempted carjackings, wild chase on Bay Area highways

Two suspects led police on a dangerous chase across Bay Area highways that spanned two counties. Authorities said the suspects even tried to carjack two drivers along to avoid arrest, but failed.

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  1. “A history from fleeing police”. Only in Commiefornia “ IN AND OUT”. Hey it’s job security for the judges, cops and lawyers 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

  2. I got drugs ….. I got drugs ….. I like driving the wrong way …… driving the wrong way ….. I got cars ….. I got cars ….. cars that I stole …… cars that I stole …. I got merch …. I got merch ….. in my back seat…. in my back seat ….. that I stole ….. that I stole ……….. democrat voters …… are so stupid …… yes they are …… yes they are

  3. Too bad you can't get CCW if you live in a CA county with more than 2 people, a good citizen would've put that wild animal down when it tried to carjack the first car.

  4. Maybe try helping us instead of letting the eviction moratorium fail.
    Letting black rock take over most of the state , no health care , cops out of control and undertrained.
    Yeah but just be a good little boy and pay your taxes so pelosi can eat her 10,000 ice cream
    Your fucking losers

  5. 25-30 years sounds about right for scum like this. Lucky they didn't kill anyone on the freeway. Unfortunately it's California and they will be out on the streets to commit more crimes in no time…

  6. "History of fleeing police on car chase"! I guess that's when police call off the chase when they go opposite direction, they said. But then that had become their tactic. Thank God innocent people didn't get smashed, like some people i know who got killed in the past, by these jerks!

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