STEEPER than San Francisco! : Walking Baxter Street in Los Angeles

I walk through Baxter Street in Los Angeles, known to be the 5th steepest street in the United States. The section between Allesandro Street and Alvarado Street sports a 32% grade. I was also shocked that it was equally steep (but going down!) on the next block, and how far this crazy elevation change continued.

Google Maps Route:

Recorded July 21, 2021

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  1. I appreciate your trip up this incredible streets and stairs. You should have arranged for a friend to meet you at the top of the journey!

  2. So appreciative of this video but also concerned bc it's WAY TOO MUCH in 1 day and working some muscles not used to it and this is true of anyone at any age or fitness!

  3. I really respect that you do not use the name of the God in vain. It's good you say oh my Gosh instead. While it may seem trivial to you at this point, little things like this will have a significant and eternal impact on where your spirit lives forever. Everyone has a spirit, and there is only one of two places that your spirit can go to. Continue to be a fine young man. And remember that the devil and Hell are very VERY real. But so is the Kingdom of God. In fact, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (the only one and true Living God) created hell for the very near future. If you've ever seen the movie the Matrix, there is a very prophetic element to it. I implore of you to watch on Amazon video, "The Pilgrims Progress". It is a game changer that God willing, will have a HUGE ETERNAL impact on your life. Remember, life is short. But eternity is forever. The Pilgrims Progress will help you. I believe there are three versions. There's an original 1978 version, then there's a new 2020 animated version, and then there's the one in between. I believe I was filmed in 2003 or something like that. Anyhow, that's the one I would recommend. Keep up with the great videos.

  4. They should call THAT area Hollywood Hills!! I was sitting down watching this video, and by the time it was over, I was out of breath, and my legs hurt!! lol 🙂

  5. Cams and vids often do not show enough perspective to indicate how steep grades are. Being there, I can tell you, is steeper than even this very good vid suggests.

  6. 🌹🥀You made me so tired coming down all them stairs big congrats you made made it thank you for taking us along looking forward to mang more great videos be Blessed 💜🙏🏽🥶

  7. That is a cute hill now try dictionary hill in San Diego🤣
    Cuyamaka ave
    San Bernardino ave
    San Miguel Ave
    Ramona ave
    Paraiso ave
    Grand ave

  8. Echo Park – Thats where the most underrated one man band – Elliot Smith lived and died. His music is the best I ever heard

  9. 10:48 3 signs; hill 30% slope, hill blocks view, 15 mph. Guess have to use 2nd or 3rd gear going up? What about down on the streets that are similar? Haven't driven hills in years so don't remember.

  10. this has to be worse than San Fran. Hmm how many slices of NY style Pizza of energy does it take to climb those hills I say large pie should do it . lol

  11. The streetcars in San Francisco on the hills are cable cars, not having a trolley pole on them. The cable is several inches below the surface. Trolleys are used mainly on level ground The overhead wire is charged by 600 volts of electricity.

  12. Impressive street, impressive walking! Seems like the city could put a bench about half-way up those stairs for those who do that hike. Thanks for taking this awesome video.

  13. Steepest hill that i’ve ever seen and like you said on video ” i could call this is a mountain ” as well !!! Poor mail man etc …🤔

  14. I burn my clutch out on that stupid hill lol I miss my little civic was a champ 🏆 till the day it met this hill

  15. You get an awesome workout walking up those streets! Imagine this street in a cold climate where there's snow or ice..LOL…now that would be something! Also a good thing to show in your videos in these areas are the homes, would be interesting to see how they look on those hills.

  16. Note to self: Never fully charge your electric car in this neighbourhood, because you’ll need full regen going downhill.

  17. Yes with L.A. been at zero elevation along the beach areas to going up thousands of feet attitude in the mountain areas seen those steep hills make a lot of sense it has to be one of the most diverse elevation cities in the World along with Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. Now if you ever travel to cities like Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, Cincinnati, Ohio or Pittsburgh, PA those cities are filled with high rolling hills all over the cities including the main roads and in their central city areas.

  18. The best one of many vidios from you, thank a lot for taking us to go with you to see houses on foothills, stay safe and healthy AK ,appreciated!👍🙏😊

  19. I love these types of videos. What a beautiful blue sky!! What about the mail carriers? I bet theyre skinny. And the never ending stairs holy cow..

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