Sky News Breakfast: Ukraine's President tells his people not to retreat

On Sky News Breakfast this Saturday morning,

– Shelling intensifies in the port city of Mariupol;

– Ukrainians prepare to defend Kyiv – as Russian troops advance on the city;

– Visa and Mastercard suspend operations in Russia;

– A look at this morning’s papers with the entrepreneur, Kate Hardcastle and presenter and writer, Matthew Stadlen.

For the latest developments:

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  1. If Putin is so willing to create a no-fly zone now it is because it is definitely going to help him I say we should create an no fly zone and then arm the ukrainians with the weapons that they have been asking for what's the no-fly zone have been created . my guess is the no fly zone Putin has not got the equipment to use in the air now is why he wants to np fly zone but the ukrainians does. don't fall into Putin's lies and end up helping Putin create a no-fly zone and then arm the Ukrainian to the teeth

  2. Deport Russians ,import Ukrainian ,help the fall out from Ukraine and country’s benefits and housing systems by freeing up space ,all Russians love Russia so go and live in it ,let’s give the Ukrainians there houses and benefits to ease are own financial burdens due to what Russia has done ,deport/import free are houses up for Ukrainians !

  3. УПАло сало на пидлогу.

    В окопе сыро и темно

    Сидим от НАТО ждём подмогу

    Еды не видели давно…

    В стране опять у нас УПАдок,

    Мечты глотаем горький дым.

    Но есть тут маленький осадок,

    Весь срам, достанется живым.

    В ЕЭС дорога нам закрыта!

    У ПАтриотов недород.

    Нацисты трутся у корыта –

    И водят строем хоровод.

    Конец! Безумен, но прекрасен.

    Лежит Айдаровский трУПАк.

    Теперь, он, точно безопасен,

    Не спляшет больше он гопак…

    Прочна стальная УПАковка,

    Был пар, но вышел весь в трубу.

    Фашиста не спасла страховка

    Вернулся в цинковом гробу.

    На помощь УПОвать не надо

    Бросай оружье и домой

    А дома жинка встретит рада,

    Что муж вернулся и живой.

    Нацистам нет у нас пощады

    УПОлномочен заявить:

    «Дрожите пакостные гады,

    Скорей бы всех уже добить!»

    15 Березеня 2022 р.

  4. oil & gas: we know again that we should set up on renewables ; not only because of this war ; because also of climate change ; how long do we need to talk again and again instead of doing it consequnetly by anyone of us

  5. 300-600 migrants a day come across the English channel without being sent back and yet these Poor Ukrainians are turning around and going back in to Europe as its to difficult to get in even with an invite,boils my piss what a joke 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  6. The Ukrainian people remind me like the Irish fighting for their land while the British are still in northern Ireland stay strong up the RA

  7. My beloved Brothers Jews don't rush, follow my ideas don't Rush….my empire, imperial through business, petroleum, diesel,, gas oils gonna floods, citizens of King 👑 David, King 👑 Solomon n 👑 Judah Nero Rome Absalom Judah.

  8. My limits was…5 billions millions humans, perishable been swallow.russian nation protection Jews tribes so many centuries….. before holocaust….how long brothers generations, how long.

  9. My Jews rejim facsist Prince Dan donkey preparition entire Jews and gentile hold….. European standards.a until z . fought with prides…. Prince Dan donkey still at Sarawak, Kuching.

  10. Sanctions will not work when China is helping Russia get around them. Russia is just moving to the union pay platform and China is washing USD and Euro. Time to fully Sanction China until they start falling in line and give Hong Kong its much deserve status as a free nation. These effects will cripple the middle class and likely put an end to the world largest terrorist group the CCP. This spells the end of the war and the end of Putin

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