1. it doesn't matter how they try and divide us
    let's get together and vote out
    London Greed
    Cheesy Bootyn
    Auntie Pelosi
    & Gov. Gruesome
    thats what's a stake here folks don't let them fool you

  2. I think the 10th District for redistricting in the new map (Bayview), doesn't make sense to include Visitation Valley and Portola because the two neighborhoods above are predominantly Asian and some Latino, and lumping them in with (Bayview) which is predominantly African American neighborhoods is diluting representation. It's clear Asians and African Americans have different visions and it should be represented. Visitation Valley and Portola should be with District 11 or really it's own new district, which is Ocean View, Excelsior, and etc, which are a mix of Asian and Latino. Potrero Hill should be lumped in with SOMA, or District 6 with all the tech workers and predominately white/tech workers.

  3. Looks like the civil war between the progressives vs mainstream Democrats has finally hit California. The question now is what happens next? Will the Democrats start recalling their own people?

  4. The radical left will never accept any loss of power because their goal is complete domination, despite the small percentage of the population they represent.
    What they are doing is far worse than the lies they tell about Jan 6th.

  5. I swear to God I hate when people come out saying it’s gonna help it’s going to hurt this group I don’t fucking care it’s gonna help the city. And I got news for the guy who comes on here saying it will send a bad message to everybody else that looks at San Francisco we already realize San Francisco is a shit hole

  6. question….how in holy hell are you gonna please everyone….i think those that like green grapes over the purple grapes gets royally screwed if this is accepted…poor grapers!!!

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