Scientists call San Francisco Bay Area 'Tectonic Time Bomb'

Sixty-three people died when Loma Prieta hit the San Francisco Bay Area. Thirty years later scientists have a chilling reminder: that quake was just a warm up.

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  1. If we know where these fault lines are, who was the genius to continue building on top of these lines…. especially the UCB football stadium???? Also with today's society, good luck with people helping people. It'll be more like robberies and a frenzy.

  2. I was walking home that day, it's a day I will never forget. in the beginning I was thinking OK its a earthquake than went i got home and watched TV than I realized how serious it was. I can't imagine if that earthquake lasted for more than 2 to 3 minutes.

  3. You Had To Be There I Was Born A Bay Area Native ,89 at 5.04 it Was A True Shock that Day Nothing like I had Ever Felt Before 26 at that time And watching things Sway like Something out of A Movie and Yes Elevators Do Drop Fast I Just Came Out of One in My Apr Complex on Third floor When Quake hit ,Doors Reopened and Sitting on Hallway Floor Watching it Desend was A Real Eye Opener ,Thankfully I Was Fortunate Nothing Broken or Damaged in my Apt But Poor Woman From New York Who just Moved to Bay Area , Frightened To Say the Least ,As I Asked Her How She Was Holding Up She Lost A Few Small pics on her Wall otherwise Fine ,I Said Welcome to The Bay Area And Nutty Calif lol those were The Days So Glad I Moved Away From That 3rd World State As Have 80 percent at Least of its Natives

  4. I left my hometown and I've never regretted it. Instead of renting and living paycheck to paycheck, I bought a home a paid off the mortgage in 9 years. The only reason I go back to Frisco is to visit relatives. Fear not; escape is possible!

  5. I don't see the downside in any part of California going bye-bye…except that the price of the remaining real estate will further escalate.

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