San Jose firefighters to investigate what destroyed Home Depot

It took six hours to extinguish a huge fire that destroyed a Home Depot store in San Jose and now arson investigators will begin scouring the site to see what caused the blaze.

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  1. Is the contractor they interviewed going to jobs on a bus? The fire is unfortunate but there’s a 7 other Home Depot’s in San Jose plus 2 lowes .

  2. How come the fire department gets to investigate itself? They’re never gonna uncover their own failure to do proper inspections or hold Home Depot accountable to follow safety codes for fire prevention. Bribes anyone?

  3. Classic Home Depot cutting corners not actually protecting people. The Home Depot in El Cerrito is pretty bad. I wouldn’t be surprised if they could take care of fire either. Glad I don’t work for that company anymore.

  4. As a retired firefighter/ investigator, I would be asking about any recent roof repairs & new employees; just from the videos I've seen & without actually being on the scene,I would check into the fire suppression systems /overhead sprinklers; it appears from the videos, that the fire started in the ceiling above the overhead sprinklers & spread to the silicone rubberized roof material. This fire looks suspiciously like the Walmart warehouse fire last month.

  5. what set the lumber department on fire? BLM kids for gang application? Also Bencia fire, and 580 freeway gunshot? Sounds like some BLM gang just posted an job opening.

  6. Is it just me or should there be already a home depot PR personnel making some type of news cast…saying were glad all our employees got out ok and everyone is safe??? Sounds like Home depot is either going bankrupt or they really don't have any remorse for their employees?? Plus what happen to the sprinkler system?? Very suspicious

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