San Francisco turned ghost town? Here's how empty the city really is

It’s almost haunting – The emptiness one senses walking in the once bustling city of San Francisco. Hoards of people are fleeing during the pandemic, and the proof is in the vacancy numbers.

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  1. Hope the nasty city drops into the ocean!!!!! Born and raised in the bay area.. and it sucks now!!!! The people are pretentious scum as well!!!!

  2. I met a guy in Austin in 2014 who owned a condo on Townsend St that he bought in the 90's. He used the monthly rent he made on it to finance his early retirement.

  3. This is because of people like this VPM MANAGEMENT company thats been Bullying their tenants through the building maintenance staff and Drug dealing Janitors

  4. Democratic party run cities,and states are slowly dying. I say good. The actual numbers?, more then 90% of big businesses have moved out of California, New york,Boston, and Philadelphia. All moving to conservative run states, were businesses are welcome to flourish, grow, and create more jobs, and get tax breaks to do so. Conservatives know economics, they don't gouge businesses for their greedy share like democrats do.

  5. And just like that, people are Rollin back onto town. San Francisco is always going to attract people. In spite of what the flyover states want to believe

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  8. Have all the lunatic liberals left SF for Boise? Great, they will spread their political cancer to the rest of the country.

  9. 1 point what ??? Who the freak could afford that anyways lol and from I hear my neighbors being the homeless!!! THATS A NEGATIVE

  10. Maybe if housing wasn't so over priced the average Joe could survive with a regular job and actually house themselves, some of these places aren't worth more that 150 000 but sell for 1 million

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  12. The first thing we need to do is get rid of London Breed and Chesa Boudin. Then, maybe something positive will happen.

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