1. People who commit crimes like this need to be put to death the day they are convicted… we do not need people like this in our prisons having tax payers feed and house him and especially not in the streets… you start killing people soon as the convicted I guarantee these crimes drop dramatically…. I don't care about right anymore… that little girl had the RIGHT to live a full life… I'm sick of this sht…

  2. What I don’t understand is guns are made to kill people right? We sell guns to people right? So why all the outrage about people getting killed all day everyday? Wtf did they expect when the flooded the country with little pocket sized killing machines?? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. In my opinion San Fran is the do what you want city.

    In reality there is NO broken window theory in the city limits, so those low level quality of life violations are NOT enforced!

    the word on the streets of San Fran is the Cops are soft!
    so You can steal, shoplift, do a Smash & Grab during some Bull shit defund the police protest rally, & smash a few car windows, & Pee on the side walks, & nothing major will happen to you! why aren't bench warrants issued for quality of life Violations?

    why just the other day I saw some punk pull his dick out in broad day light, & pee on the side of a building.

    San Fran is very soft on crime, soft on thugs! soft on theft.
    Retail theft is considered a Non-violent Crime.
    Anyone that has ever parked their car on the street knows there's a high risk that their car windows are gonna get smashed, but sure you can call the police afterword ,& go down to the police station & fill out a report of the incident, but nothing will happen.
    Man, I've had my car windows smashed many times, but nothing ever happens, so now I have to pay 350 bucks per month for private parking.

    San Fran cops are useless! Man, if we replaced all the cops with clowns in uniforms made to look like cops nobody would notice, & man Just think how much money the city could save if we replaced all their cop cars with clown cars! in my opinion San Fran is the city of Lawlessness!

    People talk about crime, but they don't want to be tough on crime, so the thugs are free to be thugs, & to make matters worse in my opinion hardly anything is gonna happen to this alleged shooter ,so months will go by with no Leeds ,so this is reality in San Fran!
    if you have been a victim of a major crime ,or a victim of a non violent crime you won't get much of any justice, but keep filling out the police reports ,& looking a mug shots.

    And then we wonder why Big Chain retail stores are shutting down due to theft.
    My local Retail pharmacy store closed down due to theft . Keep in mind in the city of San Fran crimes take forever to get solved

    San Fran police in my opinion are NOT the NYPD. San Fran cops are too scared to do their job. Man, I was even thinking about becoming a reserve police officer for the bay area ,but then I decided why should I waste my time when the regular cops are soft! I want cops with balls backing me up!! so I don't need & want soft cops that are too scared to give a thug a beat down backing me up! I've looked into private armed security, & the pay is better!

    Hey if you are thinking about moving to the Bay Area DON'T COME HERE! San Fran in my opinion is the city that is soft on crime.

    Oh, & if you are a law abiding citizen you can forget about beating up a thug ,or trying to detain a thug in the act of committing a crime till the cops show up , cause you will get arrested for beating up a non violent thug in the act of committing a crime such as smashing your car window, or shop lifting, so forget about making a citizen's arrest.
    Everyone knows if they don't already know that San Fran is the do what you want city.
    Last statement. I don't trust the official police data crime.
    like the old adage by their deeds ye shall know them.
    my opinion DON'T COME TO SAN FRAN if you value your life.
    in this city it's your wallet or your life!

  4. Very sad! Some of the blame goes to City Leaders from the Mayor, Supervisors, and the DA for allowing criminals, mentally ill, drug dealers, and drug users control the streets.

  5. If this would have happened in the presidio the news would say this "shocked the entire city". But because this happened in the hood only one area of the city is shocked? How is this not shocking for the entire city of SF this does not happen to teens in the rest of the city.

  6. Another innocent life taken by senseless gun violence.
    Everytime someone dies by bullet, we ask, we cry, we mourn until the next one takes a another life.
    A 6 yo shot on a ride to school due to road rage and now a 16yo kid just chilling outside shot for no reason…..how many more continue to follow?
    Cars need to be bullet proof as well as clothing?
    Do kids need to wear bulletproof vest at all times?

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