San Francisco Mayor London Breed fined $22,792 for ethics violations

San Francisco Mayor London Breed has agreed to pay more than $22,000 in fines for several ethics violations committed while in political office that raised questions about her personal and political relationships, officials said Tuesday.

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  1. This is a small fine for her. Why isn’t she being fired? She knew the Rules & Regulations. They send out the letters about Ethic every year. Regular employees will be fired.

  2. LMFAO….she owes way more than that. Drop in the bucket for her given how much she's pocketed from her position.

  3. She should take lesson from Cuomo and resign. This ain't no appearance of corruption it is corruption. We need a real city leader again.

  4. No one on the left will care, and a celebrity or two will quietly pony up the $22,792 so she doesn't need to worry. California is a socialism in the making, it's going to keep getting worse.

  5. She tried to free someone that went to jail for manslaughter just because that someone is her brother. These kinds of people shouldn’t be running anything. If left alone she’d probably let anyone who “has a heart” out of jail

  6. Why did they vote a criminal into office? Her bother is an armed robber who killed someone and she used her position to set him free. Her voting base are probably all criminals too. San Francisco, what the fuck happened to you?

  7. Walgreens, etc. have been "fined" much more than this for the public's decision to back her and her policies, considering all the shoplifting…

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