San Francisco is Now HELL!!

Homeless kids, Broken Dreams and Starving families is now San Francisco. That being said it’s a Sh*thole. Here’s the full break down of whats happening. Enjoy! Add me on social media.

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San Francisco is a HELL HOLE! Not long ago it was a beautiful place. Now small business is gone, its boarded up, the opportunities have left and the crime has come. There is more homelessness than ever before. Gavin Newsom is running the city into the ground. In this video I’ll give you a clear picture of what it looks like for landlords, property owners and residents of San Francisco.. We will see a massive amount of crime come to this city and the desirability of this city will likely drop to levels unheard of.. Get ready!

Big problems coming, especially with these officials in charge.

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  1. San Francisco reminds me of Beirut. They were both beautiful in the 1950’s but have since gone to hell.

  2. I used to live in city SF it was fine not much homeless until I left moved to east bay
    My last rent was $845 for 2 bedrooms
    Owner sold property but I got my share of $ to move out
    So if landlord kicks you out
    They need to pay tenants
    Back then was $1,000 per adult and under 18 $500 each
    I was ready get out it was as getting to me the city life. noise, moving constantly my car because sticker thing on the pole what cars can park

  3. This video is honestly comical. However, what’s even more comical is that people are actually believing your moronic fear mongering.

  4. Democrats say incarnation
    Is not the answer. These are not children. Prison. And state Hospitals. ARE THE ANSWER!!! THEY HAVE DESTROYED THE CITY. DON'T UNDERSTAND. WHY PEOPLE DON'T GET IT.

  5. There really needs to be a big correction in the property market- because the housing costs in California are are at least double what they should be!!

  6. I went to San Francisco today, homeless junkies everywhere! The city is more packed with people than I remember. The manholes on the streets look like sinkholes, it’s a mess

  7. NO AMERICAN CITY SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS!!!!! Our cities should be streamlined and clean and modern looking. Instead we are looking like 3rd world countries with our infrastructure falling apart and people living in the streets because they can’t afford a place to live. This is insanity. We have gone backwards! R.I.P. America…. I will never forget how beautiful you once were. Sign me, One devastated American.

  8. It’s happening in Seattle as well. They are about to pour more millions into homeless care housing.

  9. I live in Pennsylvania and rents are ridiculous here I do want to get into real estate but I'm not even sure what I should do?

  10. I was in sf 1 month ago it's not safe going out at night anymore in the sunset district. It's crazy how things changed back then and now.

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    COVID in Latin America: Peru struggles with lambda variant +++ Cuba ships out vaccine | DW News

  12. 1992. Was the first time I saw a homeless woman, begging, with an infant in front of 555 market st. She was camped out in front of the Chevron buildings. SF native here. I used to battle criminals on muni, streets. I carried. No one messed with me and if they did they were sorry.

  13. calling san francisco a third world country is an insult to third world country. many people in third world countries should be offended. many people are poor around the world, but they have the decency to not steal then do drugs and destroy their own neighborhood while receiving massive government help.

  14. SF here, It sucks here 97% of ppl here are walking a around in a paranoid delusional state worrying about everything talking about others putting everyone they see in a box just to make it down the street. Crazy to watch, I travel a lot coming home is so hard to adjust to this level of 🤡 🌎

  15. I see videos of people just walking out of stores with huge bags of merchandise. Do they also walk out of restaurants without paying?

  16. BS. All of CA will soon be inhabited by the richest people in the world, now that they've starved out the working class.

  17. Democrats are evil, but Republicans are not standing up. The only shot y'all got is Elder. Vote Elder for governor!!!

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