1. San Francisco cop shortage is a real issue here. The city is too expensive to live in. No one outside of SF would want to work as a SF cop because its not worth traveling to a city you can't live in to help people that hate you. This is the same for many other jobs here. Biggest issue is cost of living. No doctor wants to come here to work because no medical student who graduated with crushing debt can afford to live in an area for 3K/month, deal with traffic and homelessness then make less than 65K per year as a resident.

  2. The only thing CART is going to get is carted to the morgue…there are dead eyed people out there that do. Not. Care. It is regrettable but there are many times citizens cannot be reasoned with. And those moments can cost officers their lives because they are busy wondering in their split second situation if what they did falls properly under some law some milquetoast lib has passed that has little to NO understanding of what is required to do an effective job as an officer…it's ridiculous

  3. Exactly what you leaders wanted to have more control over the people. Chaos is what helps them succeed…This is what you get when you vote for these people. Just sad since SF is or was a great city. Good luck.

  4. They need to hire mental health professionals to go out and handle incidents that are none emergency. So that actual cops can handle emergencies

  5. You get what you deserve SF. Now stop crying, keep leaving notes on your parked cars asking crooks not to break in. Keep asking police officers to leave your restaurants because they have guns and your employees feel threatened. All this because of a few isolated incidents that the media blew up for ratings and clicks…..

  6. Nah!!! You don't need more cops on the street. You need more social workers!!! That's what your elected official say!!!! So print up a couple billion dollars and hire a bunch of PHD's and get them out there!!!

  7. Cause social just want pomice reform…. Meanwhile 5 stores are being robbed, 72 cars brojen into, a couple assault and batteries are taking place while the police are focusing on… Im gonna take wild guess here, understanding their own implicit bias?

  8. Weird cuz from the stats the cops do no work at all in SF. We need the cops that we have to do some work and this will help things. But that wont happen.

  9. I guess those women that want to "reallocate police funds" are willing to call their local social workers if they are sexually assaulted or beaten and robbed. Not one brain cell in any of their heads!

  10. Where I live in ID we get the best because many would like to move here. The authorities are well supported here. The stupid are getting stupider. They keep doing the same thing hoping for better results.

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