San Francisco Chinatown business owners targeted in ADA lawsuits

At least 100 businesses have been sued or received demand letters alleging ADA violations, such as inaccessible front doors and restrooms, Chinatown officials said. They said many of the lawsuits involve the same two plaintiffs. KTVU’s Henry Lee reports.


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  1. Do not worry. Minorities will have double standards enacted to alleviate them of their ADA requirements.

  2. Los Angeles person here. Why doesn't the city do a thing about all the ADA violations when homeless set up camp on city sidewalks? With all the crap going nearly the width of the sidewalks, it's impossible for people with and without accessibility issues to navigate from point A to point B.

  3. The "lawmakers" come to many an excuse to undermine people paying taxes, and accommodate and excuse vandalism and antisocial behavior of vagrants and criminals. The Ad council targets its ads to the wrong demographic.

  4. Mo money ….. I need mo money …. will the democrats give me mo money …. I don't pay any taxes ….. but I will vote for them …. if they just give me mo money !

  5. Doesn't the ADA have a mechanism for dealing with frivolous cases filed under it? I'm not an expert about this law, so maybe someone who is could say.

  6. State does nothing to protect these tax paying citizens and businesses from hate crimes, but sure as hell are fine with them getting sued over insanity.

  7. That 'Dennis Price' looks like one miserable ambulance chasing scumbag.
    He's doing nothing more than trying to drum up business, I doubt he has any clients on whose behalf hes suing.

  8. The ADA should have been struck down as unconstitutional a long time ago. Maybe it can be now. It should not be up to a restaurant owner to spend money to accommodate everyone's individual problems. It's not worth it to the business and they aren't a charity. You want ramps, get the government to pay for them.

  9. Here is an idea, make sure you are up to code on ADA laws and you won't have to worry about these types of lawsuits. Fix whatever you are being sued for "which is sad if you have a business open that's not up to code". Yes there are people who will do mass lawsuits on companies that ignore ADA laws and I don't feel bad as long as the person filing the suits is disabled

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