San Francisco Bay Area in midst of gun violence epidemic not seen in decades, police say

Bay Area police say we’re in the midst of a gun violence epidemic. And it isn’t just in the big cities like San Francisco or Oakland, but smaller ones, too.

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  1. How old is this video? High-capacity magazines are not legal in California. Why does he stand there and say they are? Why is he lying? Just so they can sneak through new laws.
    They just continue to let criminals go with a slap on the hand, while they passed new laws to Outlaw law-abiding citizens from owning firearms protect themselves.

  2. Imagine thinking a gun is more deadly than another gun because of its size 🤣🤣🤣🤣 what's hilarious is the complete disregard of the facts that a 9mm will kill you as fast and as dead as a 5.56 or 7.62. And trying to claim you could "fire for a minute or two without reloading" is a blatant lie and that cop knows it. Shame on him.

  3. Hey I have an Idea, in stead of focusing on the gun let's ban criminal behavior and the people who engage in criminal behavior and put those people behind bars away from the general population. Does anyone think that might work better than the upside down system we currently have?

  4. Your communist gun laws fail in San Francisco area then you want to pay criminals not to shoot each other. Do you hear how crazy you sound?
    How about actually punishment for criminals! Stop letting them back on the streets. Morons in government ruining the bay area.

  5. Liars telling lies again. There no gun violence surge I live in a former murder capital in the bay area and I can't tell you the last time I heard a gunshot. Crime, all of it, is down double digits in cities under 100,000 which is many in the sf bay area. Describing the time it takes to reload as of there's gun fight happening!?!? This is tired 1990s bs propaganda. The black dude should be ashamed. Phil never is when hes crafting anti black narratives.

    The fact is if they can't twist the laws to target black people then they ain't happy. Now you care about the survivors? Really?
    The math is wrong and are we caring about women? Lololololol geeze.


  6. Message To Law Abiding Citizens:
    Take gun safety and gun shooting courses. It's not something that comes naturally. You need a professional instructor to teach you how to be a responsible gun owner and accurate shooter. We need regular citizens to be able to defend themselves and be superior to criminals.

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