San Francisco asks residents to take in homeless as crisis rages

FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo, Dagen McDowell and Payne Capital Management President Ryan Payne discuss Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg admitting New York City is in crisis and San Francisco asking its residents to house the homeless in a spare bedroom.

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  1. I really doubt any of the elected government officials would open their houses to the homeless or to illegal immigrants. Yep these Elites want to insist that we the peasants the commoner the slaves do what they themselves won't do while they sit behind their fenced in neighborhoods gated communities private security of which we have none

  2. Why don’t these homeless people apply for welfare or disability or the many other government assistance programs?

  3. One thing all these cities have in common is Democrats run them. Keep voting Democrat New York and you will get the same results.

  4. Ridiculous. States need to build and reimplement institutions for those incapable or unwilling to be productive in society.

  5. I think it’s called social profiling I’m learning about it because I’ve been put through it and I’m tired of it

  6. Sounds like you’re pushing fear to get people to take up your opinion of other humans

  7. So who is making the people poor and raising all the prices and then making it a crime to be poor have you asked yourself that question

  8. im from i see why a lot of newyorkers moving to florida..with all the high crimes and homelessness..and fail government in newyork…

  9. Oh? So it is the homeless that are the problem. The unwashed rabble. You would have thought that the dangers of communism would have taught the well off to respect the poor lest they revolt and cast the country into chaos,but no, they are still in the 19th century. These are the "modern" sentiments of the 21st century. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Have fun in the gulags.

  10. If we continued following the precepts of John Maynard Keynes, the greatest economist of modern history, this would not have happened but neolibtards never learn.

  11. The problem is that the city makes it hard to build more homes keeping the price inflated. Yet investors who buy up homes to use as investment (which then become empty and unused) is not helping matters. A societal flaw but then again, according to current economic dogma, there is no society just a cluster of profit maximizing individuals.

  12. The mentally ill deserve some sympathy for sure, lets put that out there.. Meanwhile if myself or my family are attacked, I'm going to pick-up the nearest blunt object and I'm coming at the attacker with full force. ..And NY State's No Bail Law is a colossal joke that should have been repealed as soon as the serious problems started, immediately after it was enacted.. The fact that it's still a Law is unbelievable!! And that's mainly why folks are leaving Communist NY State for the South.. In the South, the mentally ill get treatment and are better controlled.

  13. The politicians misappropriated money for the homeless and gave it to real estate cartel to delay housing and build expensive housing

  14. Do an audit on the amount of money is wasted on the failed homeless program that costs 60 k a year for a tent on the sidewalk misappropriated money for their reelection

  15. The government creates the problem and are paid with tax dollars to fix problems and then has the audacity to tell the taxpayer to fix it.



  18. Your kidding! Most homeless people have mental health issues. My son included. He became dangerous to me and our neighbors because of his paranoia
    so was asked to leave. He is now on the street because he refused help when it was offered and we could no longer handle him.

  19. SFO-one of the richest cities in the world with more liberals than a Whole Foods store and they can’t house the homeless?

  20. Why does this news outlet complain about the problem then in the next story demonize the solutions? People need food, shelter, and healthcare then this won't be a problem anymore. Corporations need to live with a lower profit margin so society can progress.

  21. Did I hear that right? "Take in the homeless"(?) Within the most expensively-priced city in the US, who's suffering from mental illness NOW, the people in charge?

  22. Thankfully they found out how to turn prisons into cash cows or next they would be asking to adopt a con.

  23. Hey SF how is that working out for you? Did everyone take in the homeless, I doubt it. Ridiculous!

  24. Don’t worry… Joe ‘kid sniffer’ Biden will save you with some “progressive ideas and policy”.

  25. This request to take a homeless person into your home is insane and dangerous. Similar to electing liberals to political office.

  26. I say turn the White House into a Homeless Shelter (until 2024, of course, then President Trump can return order and toss the bums in a dumpster)

  27. There not homeless there all psychopathic drug addicts created by progressives, vote conservative or republican conservatives on the ballot a to z managed by the 75,000 non profits that make 200 k per year so they never want if fixed, send the addicts to rural farms to grow food same as Mao in china did. out of the cities. you give them housing that they didn't earn they will just tear it up, if politicians say there human and housing is a right is all commie propaganda , if they like them ,they can take them home.

  28. Fricking California. Why not have the citizenry pay for cars for the drug addicted bums as well? And designer clothes. And orthodonture?


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