1. Not only did he commit one crime by assault n battery he also robbed them by taking there wallet n cellphone what an a-hole hope he is found n locked up for a good 3yrs in solitary no contact for 3yrs with no one fk that

  2. what kind of person stands there and watches his father get knocked out like that and do nothing? win or lose , son you need to fight for your life, your a grown man !

  3. that man who lost it over cosmetics damages should not be allowed to drive , and assault charges with jailtime and a fine with community service, is what he deserves after robbing them …..what a materialistic peice of shit,,,, we as the body of Christ ,,this guy is the whole Ass i pray for justice

  4. Obviously another example of black people being reasonable and not letting their emotions get the better of them and going WAY over the top about an accident and acting like the guy did it to him on purpose. He probably blamed the guy for everything wrong in his life and demanded reparations right on the spot. "I NEED MONEY NOW YO."

  5. Guy is a coward for punching that poor father and son I bet if it was bigger guy who would have hit him he would got his ass handed to that prick he probably be scared to but ihope this bastard gets caught 💯👍👊🙏

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