Rising Risks: Chicago in danger due to rising water in Lake Michigan

CNBC’s Diana Olick joins Shep Smith to report on issue Chicago is facing with rising waters in Lake Michigan due to the effects of climate change. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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  1. the need to move inland away and let the lake grow to its full potential a gold mine of fresh water IF they don't polute it.

  2. The best mitigation is creating wetlands(as in swamps) along the lake front. If we recreate these wetlands by artificial floating islands we would be able to keep the lake and the river clean to insure our survival. These wetlands would help us keep our fish stock, prevent soil erosion, remove pollutants and insure that our region has freshwater for the next generation. We desperately need to slow down how much waste water gets dumped into that lake or else we’ll end up with toxic algae blooms—it’s not only the coasts that will be affected by climate change. The city needs to be a pioneer in the Americas by making sure that future developments have sustainability in mind.

  3. Wow we need a big ass boat or sell some water to Texas it's 8 bucks a bottle imagine all the people that could be warm fed and have affordable housing prices..
    What a potential blessing and we could live our neighbors who share the pond..
    Bam problems solved..

  4. The Great lakes are lowering !!
    Why ?
    Niagra falls widens, from natural erosion,
    hence more water makes it's way through the "funnel".

  5. Just to let you know; there is no such thing as global change or catastrophy; or global warming; this is all UN Global Bull$shit.

  6. Ok. I fully believe climate is changing, we should move towards renewables, electric cars, etc….fully onboard. Now let’s go look at Great Lake water levels from 1920 to today. Notice anything? The last Ice age was 100 thousand years ago, but it takes us 99 thousand years to notice the climate is changing. Suddenly…..the world is ending in 20 years. Water levels increase overnight…climate change!! Major drought tomorrow(key word drought)…….climate change! Media is somehow on site in minutes and lobbyists in Washington start poppin boners faster than water levels are rising. Mmm 🤔…just sayin

  7. imagine higher intelligence using human emotions to create content that manipulate your emotions

  8. Fake news. It's in 0 danger. They can drain that lake into the lower lakes. All of the water levels are controlled.

  9. Who would have thought that when you build a city on the shores of a massive lake that every once in a while you get floods.

  10. Wow, if the people won't kick out the corruption in Chicago, then mother earth will do its work for them!!!! Oh well… this is what you get Chicago!!!!!

  11. Lol it's a lake… Build a levy. The whole state of Louisiana is below sea level and the lakes are supposedly gonna stop getting fed by the Niagra

  12. Amazing how anyone could take these clowns serious in the MSM. The lake levels are determined by the Army corps of engineers.

  13. The water level in a sense is not rising. The term used by geologists is 'snapback'. The Great Lakes were formed by a glacier. Partly the lakes were gouged and the weight of the glacier depressed the mantle of the Earth.
    If the waters were truly rising, then the depth of the lake would increase not decrease. The bottom of the lake is moving upwards causing the same volume of water to become higher.
    Is it a problem, YES.
    Is it caused by climate change or global warming, NO. Is it common to all the Great Lakes, YES.

  14. 🙏Please🙏 engineer,engage now big disasters needs bigger engineering engineers .and now for next generation 🎁🇺🇸

  15. 3 feet of sea is on the way. doesnt matter whos fault. even the most powerful humans cant stop it.

    dont try and put any guilt trip on me . maybe weak people will tolerate that.

    live your lives.

    be good people for a change

    be quiet.

  16. I don't get it.. we can create oil pipelines across states and counties but not water pipelines to Arizona, Utah, southern California, parts of Texas and anywhere else

  17. Build a dam pipeline from the east coast to the dry west coast, problem sloved. China did it in their country

  18. The lake levels rise and lowers naturally. I've lived on lake huron my whole life. There is nothing unusual going on with the lakes

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