Raw Video: San Francisco Mayor London Breed Answers Question About Ethics Violation

San Francisco Mayor London Breed spoke to reporters after being fined $22,000 for ethics violations while in office.


  1. The first thing she did when she got elected is to try to use her influence to get her brother out of jail (for murder/robbery. She and other SF politicians are only for the rich. I'm so sick of hearing about affordable housing. The only housing I see being built are luxury condos. Progressive? This city has been robbed of every shred of character.

  2. Recall everyone from the board of supervisors and the mayor from office because they are all corrupt politicians who want to maintain their own job and do political favors for their friends. Lets start with the president of the board of supervisors who allows marijuana dispenser to open up in low income neighborhoods while they rich and donate to the city politicians. So yeah san Francisco need change ASAP

  3. What ethics all about the money this was the only one she got caught on and they gave her a chance to pay a fine instead of being removed from office.
    They will ignore the other ones they found about and pretend they didn’t exist as a favor she gets a slap on the wrist.

    Basically it’s a Nod and a wink ( don’t do that again lol ) carry-on as usual but be more careful and don’t get caught next time.

  4. The highest paid Mayor in the USA doesn’t look like she’s missed too many meals. She doesn’t know how to clean up the problems in SF, but she knows how to clean her plate at dinner time

  5. London Breed says the agreement and fines are “fair.”
    She’s basically admitting $20K is a small price to pay for all the stuff she’s getting away with.
    Breed and SF DA Nebbish Couard need to be recalled.
    Along with Gavin Newsom, these 3 are the reason I am switching to the Republican Party.
    Democrats need to go in California. For the sake of Asians and the elderly in California, Democrats who protect the criminals need to get out.
    If you are Asian, you MUST recall Democrats out of office. The price your parents and grandparents paid to immigrate and settle in California, all of their sacrifices are being laid to waste as the Democrats allow criminals to hurt and kill Asians.
    My immigrant parents believed that everyone has an equal opportunity in America. No hand outs. No entitlements. I you are asian, you must vote republican. You must.

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