Police officer says 'chaos reigns supreme' as crime surges in San Francisco

Lt. Tracy McCray, San Francisco Police Officers Association Vice President, tells ‘America’s Newsroom’ brazen thefts are an ‘everyday occurrence’ in the city. #FoxNews

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  1. You scum bag liberal Democrats. – we are laughing at you. You have destroyed your own society because you can even muster up the courage to say that there is right and wrong, that criminals should be punished. You are devoid of morality.

  2. Fox State News and it's BS Factor entertainment show never fails with misinformation and lies..
    These smash and grabs are happening all over the country
    The only reason this is on fox state news because it's on he left coast and it feeds into the fawning SYCOPHANTS and it's a diversion from the TRUTH about the former racist bigot misogynist con man Grifter and his involvement in Jan 6th insurrection..
    Plain and simple

  3. why don't we all juat ransack all the stores in every city? if they can afford to give it for free there why can't we have it for free also?

  4. Land of the Free, free to loot, free to sexual impropriety, free to do anything, all you name it. Would like to quote from Nancy Pelosi. Quote: "A Beautiful Sight to Behold". Cannot disagree more with her. A good foresight. The day of the apocalypse is not far off.

  5. Someone get this lady voted into a higher position she has sound mind and logic something evil politicians do not have

  6. Wait a minute….I thought it was Trump's fault!! You idiots deserve exactly what you're getting, but you'll still vote democrat!

  7. Idiots in this nation KEEP voting blue.. UNREAL. I live in a city with 90,000 residents and it's a dark red city. We don't have this crap going on. In my city you rob someone's store, you get shot. WE are legally aloud to shoot bad guys in my city and our crime is near nothing. NOTHING.. Every single business in the cities needs to close down and leave. Let the blue cities die. Blue voters are not welcome in our city.

  8. The Mayors office is responsibe for this Crime wave . Making people have a Vaccination to eat in a restaurant is hurting busness Big time . I eat at a Mels drive in at 3355 Geary . And the restaurant staff has told me that the Vaccination mandate is keeping people away .

  9. “It’s sad but it’s happening all over the country”

    No. Well, a little but San Francisco is extra s#!t hole-ish.

  10. If the government can't afford to pay welfare then that means it also can't afford to accept new inmates into prison. Oh 😲😂🤣

  11. Lady says people who work at that store need that job to pay rent . . . Not the people your talking to (news actors) they get paid 50 million a year, I can't wait till. . .

  12. "get a citation" so they can pay off the citation using the money they stole. To make matters worse they pay off the citation and continue the cycle back on the street is a never-ending cycle LMAO these DEM politicians ever sit down to think if this will be a good plan, wow lmao.

  13. Quick, someone tell AOC that Nieman Marcus is running low on bread for criminals …. I mean poor people to steal !

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