People In San Francisco Are Pissed Over Electric Scooters (HBO)

Inspired by Uber and Lyft — and even hiring some of the rideshares’ executives — a handful of companies are scattering electric scooter across cities first, then waiting for the law to deal with them.

It’s an idea promoted by former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick called “principled confrontation.” Euwyn Poon, cofounder of electric scooter company Spin, refers to it as “innovating on the regulatory side.”

City officials called it something else: “illegal business activities.”

In Santa Monica in September, Bird put scooters on the streets, allowing customers to unlock them with a proprietary rideshare app.

Santa Monica responded by filing criminal charges against the company, which were ultimately dismissed when the company pleaded no contest and agreed to pay $300,000 in fines.

In San Francisco this month, the electric scooter companies, first LimeBike and Spin, then Bird, again distributed scooters across the city, and all three companies have argued neither city had rules in place to regulate their particular mode of transportation.

The companies see it as an emissions-free solution to the “last mile” often walked on foot or taken on a rideshare after using public transit.

Residents complain that riders take the scooters on sidewalks and leave them parked across sidewalks, blocking ADA ramps and tripping unsuspecting pedestrians.

Since their rollout, the companies have been negotiating with Santa Monica and San Francisco on how scooters should be regulated, and how the companies can get their riders to follow the rules.

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  1. ive seen a ton fo reckless e-scooter riders and ive been hit by them 4 times so far of which 1 time i couldnt work the next day and the rider just took off.
    the excuse that that business owner gives that the cities might have to adapt to new possibilities is only true in the long run… but that idiot needs to give cities the time to find solutions.
    its the same as throwing a wild lion into a crowd of people before finding a solution to make sure that lion aint gonna be able to attack those people.
    you just dont throw the problem out into the open before you are able to contain any of it.
    the speed at which those scooters often can go is WAY too fast for the sidewalk and too slow for on the road.
    the only place they belong is on cycling paths and your own private property. you should only have them on the sidewalk if you arent riding on it and walk next to it.
    its especially terrifying when one of those scooters is being used by an idiot on a very busy sidewalk and even in shopping malls.

  2. I hate people on e scooters, they typically swerve all over the place with them, and they're too fast, they should be illegal all together, some things just shouldn't exist…

  3. Fun fact those scooters are limited to probably 15 mph so the lady is saying that they're too fast and clearly doesn't know very much most of the people in my town ride their bikes faster than that

  4. Yo…. listen up everyone, if the government will not deal with our current situation of Omicron interfering with our daily lives. We scooters will deal with this ourselves. Please share it, ty.

  5. I think this is a great solution that could really be a major factor in both traffic reduction and emissions. Surely the governments should be looking at how to get these things out there safely instead of moaning about it, I mean find solutions why get stuck in the mindset of "problems".

  6. I made the mistake of purchasing one two days ago in the UK. Now I can't use it because it's banned nationwide, unless MP's choose to legalize them. Thankfully, I'll just transport it back to the states after my internship is over.

  7. If its a rental, those e-scooters are picked up at night by people driving cars/trucks to pick them up, charge them & put them back on the road, so electricity to charge them (And whete does the electricity come from, ahem) and petrol to make the trucks go. Ride a bike!

  8. It's more environmentally friendly to have shared bicycles than it is to have scooters, and it is much easier to maintain bikes than electric scooters

  9. Y'all are getting pissed over a few scooters on the sidewalk in Shanghai half the sidewalk is taken by electric mopeds and crammed with shared bicycles that take up much more space.

  10. actually if most of the people who have car and switch to scooter in a nice weather daily commute that will reduce the traffic load a lot.

  11. Escooters are really a best kind of commuting vehicles. Please encourage new innovations do not discourage. I bow my head to the person who invented escooter. They are very helpful for all and even the environment.

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