Pentagon: Russians Seem Short On Morale, Supplies, Food

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said that the Russians seem short on morale, food, and fuel. Nearly 100 percent of the Russian ground forces are inside Ukraine. “They are meeting stiff and determined Ukrainian resistance,” said Kirby.

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  1. B.S. are you guys watching the same war I am. The Russians are destroying the Ukrainians. Even Pentagon reports claim Russia is still at close to 85$% of fighting capabilities and is controlling the war.

  2. Oh those silly Russians. I heard that years ago therewas a shoe shortage so the goverment ordered lots of shoes to be made. They made hundreds of thousands of shoes…all one size.

  3. The Russian military needs to revolt. So do the Canadian, Australian, Austrian and US militaries. No more invading. No more tyranny.

  4. 🤔🤔🤔" NATO"friend or enemy of Ukraine?!? Why NATO, instead of striving for peace and dialogue, only seeks to provoke Russia and provoke a nuclear war and destroy the region?! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  5. Do you really think the US has anything positive to say about the Russians? I don’t believe much of what the state department say about Russia.

  6. He seeks support from foreign fighters because right now his perception within Russia is all that matters. He's already a pariah on the world stage, so the mothers at home with dead sons are a public relations nightmare for him. He can control the media but he can't bring dead kids back to life.

    If you can't perceive this, you shouldn't be doing this job.

  7. They want to use foreign Fighters as fodder. Large numbers of Russian casualties won't go over well in Russia, even Putin's lock on the power structure there is vulnerable to a large enough group of Russian babooshkas angry over their dead children/grandchildren


  9. Just wait until they go into the capitol .. that city has 18000 civilians armed with AK 47s ..and I've 1000000 round of ammo. Bullets will be flying.if you are not a trained soldiers they will fold fast.

  10. I have read articles from media outlets on both spectrums of this crisis and can clearly see Russia and China are pushing propaganda to paint a false flag and gain public support in thier countries and around the world by trying to blame the U.S. as having Biological weapons in Ukraine while Russia unleashes Biological weapons, additionally if you look at actions Russia is taking there it becomes apparent. That huge convoy has not moved in on the major city and remains on the outskirts with troops outfitted with chemical, biological and radiological suits/gear and not because as western media thinks or puts out that it is because of a resupply issue to Russian troops such as fuel, food, ammunition etc. it’s because they are waiting for the follow on directions from Russia leadership, additionally ask yourself why Russia has mobile crematoriums they have moved in. Secondly how best to hamper NATO when NATO gets the majority of there oil from Russia and a some NATO countries get some of their power from all the Ukrainian Nuclear plants that Russia seized immediately and shut the power down to these plants to include the cooling towers, additionally why didn’t Russia immediately take over the airfields in Ukraine so they could get resupplies to their Russian troops if they allegedly needed resupply? They didn’t instead they blew them up. As sad as it is this crisis is it’s about to go off the rails at a enormous human cost and I think could easily turn into a much much bigger crisis spilling into all surrounding countries.

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