Pediatric hospitalizations up 395% in NYC amid COVID-19 surge

Sonia Rincon has more on the striking increase in pediatric hospitalizations across New York City amid the COVID-19 surge.

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  1. Don’t get vaccinated my people eat healthy and pray and that’s all u need everything they doing is a back up plan for more people to get vaccinated and then they pulled y’all back against the wall by giving u no options because y’all need y’all job lol I hope y’all see what’s going on don’t be stupid this is the land of evil

  2. Sound like something they putting in the air lol these people is real evil tell them to show the vaccinated that’s still fighting for their life my people don’t live in fear they will not win this war

  3. Too bad over 30k healthcare workers were fired over the unconstitutional vaccine mandate. I don’t feel bad for these hospital systems or NYC being overrun. They did this to themselves. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

  4. Guarantee most of these hospitalizations are from kids getting the vaccine. COVID has never had a big impact upon children. But that vax sure has.

  5. My question is… why only NYC kids are high in positive cases /hospitalization and not anywhere in the world .. are the government playing mind games w/ us? This Omicron virus started in South Africa end of November and went all over the world but no one mentioned anything about kids numbers being higher. So why only NY? Plus, it’s only a mild case as the government says… so what’s the big fuss.. just let it be. Everyone will get sick and then 2-3 most 5 days later, you get better.. so why is the gov’t scaring ppl.

  6. You should allow remote learning! The vaccinated kids get sick from the virus too. In person school is causing the spread not the unvaccinated.

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