'One Nation Under Fire': One week of gun violence in America | ABC News

Chief Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas chronicles one week of gun violence in America.

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  1. That’s the democrat plan !! keep the people home under control and promote violence by giving if any jail time to criminals caught. Now they will prove with the violence they are creating that guns are a problem !!! And soon the will come for all your guns !!! The innocents will die !!

  2. Instead of attempting to limit access to firearms, the focus should be on the punishment for gun crime. Life in prison or long prison sentences are not enough for violent gun crimes. The death penalty should be mandatory for these types of crimes. Criminals are always going to get access to weapons regardless of what laws are created. Weapon laws only punish law-abiding citizens. Fixing gun crimes increase the lethality of the punishment for violent gun crimes.

  3. can you arrest the ppl who lynched us… cause there hasn't been 1 arrest…the well to do got the stimulus money not the ppl who really need it

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  5. Pow – pow – pow, boy that was close – just dodged another bullet! I think it's time to buy a bullet proof tesla cybertruck.

  6. 7:52 What do we do about it?

    Of course, only thing to do: get tough on crime, eliminate gun control laws so good people can defend themselves, teach gun safety, end Democrat control of cities where violence occurs, and most importantly, abandon the Leftist culture that discourages personal accountability and replaces it with big government control.


  8. wow 1400 people die per week in the U.S IMAGE 1 month period that figures almost 6000 people…. guess guns are free in the U.S anyone can have once.

  9. I live in New York where as people are saying the police Union, plain clothed officers and politics are behind the uptick in gun violence… It’s a common practice used to support an increase in the police massive budget & to create more unjust laws & tactics. Local news make mass-incarceration police look like heroes, and depicted victims to seem like predators while trying to sound intelligent while looking stupid in the face at the same time.

  10. everyone needs to stop saying it "surge in gun violence" NOT TRUE
    most of you have the impression that "gun violence" is on a rise, (actually less than 10% of what it was before the internet, cell phones (with cameras) and cameras everywhere)

  11. 2013-2014 biggest spike in murder rate in U.S. recorded history….only to be surpassed in 2015-2016 as biggest spike in murder rate in U.S. recorded history….who was in Whitehouse all those years……you know who….media never mentioned it and biden/Obama administration remained in silence causing more violence….i believe Biden gonna break his own record in 2021..but his white privledged silence gonna bring mass inner city violence

  12. Quick question if I decide I'm hungry and want to go hunting for a bear does the bear not have a natural right to kill me in self defence?

  13. ‘Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, so why would we let them have ideas?,’ from Stalin

  14. Marxist democrats keep pushing their agenda to take away your guns with " GUN VIOLENCE". The solution is simple stop releasing criminals from prisons nation wide and keep the border secure.

  15. Pretty much everyone have guns at this point dont matter the color or wealth status. Guns are everyhwhere today.

  16. Problem with the Anti Gun crowd is they have no answers to the fact that, guns or no guns, violence continues nonetheless. "Just take away the evil gun" is such a simple answer that isn't an answer. Like a renter telling a landlord he needs to fix his furnace that's badly in need of repair and the landlord replying "Eh, just turn on the stove" and doesn't do anything worthwhile about the issue itself, which isn't the easy answer(turn on the stove/get rid of the gun) but the hard one(fixing the furnace/darkness of the human heart). Politicians, with no answer of how to deal with the potential evil of the human heart, think rubber stamping legislation and passing it off to the next rubber stamper will change things…..it won't.

  17. There's absolutely nothing complicated about the second amendment. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." It doesn't say anything about a license or a permit or how you can and can't carry or travel with a firearm. The problem with gun owner's is they're all a bunch of pussies but yet when a new gun law passes they only voice their anger and opinion after the fact. I do not need to pay to exercise my second amendment right and I am not afraid of tyrants who enforce unconstitutional laws. It's funny there's all these law abiding armed citizens who are armed are allowing themselves to be restricted, disarmed, and forced into unconstitutional compliance. What happened to you people ? Did your balls drop off ? The Patriots who died founding this country would be embarrassed and disgusted of you !

  18. And the majority of the gun violence comes from where. Big democratic ran cities. Keep voting Democrat. It will not get any better

  19. You liberals are so delusional. Crime is outta control because the criminals know they can get away with it.

  20. The majority of the guns used in these crimes were obtained illegaly. Logic dictates then that the majority of those were stolen from law abiding gun owners. Part of being a legal responsible owner of deadly weapons is secure storage to prevent accidednts, misuse, unauthorized use, and theft. Responsible storage is comenserate with the enviroment in which they are stored. Therefore gun owners should be required to have and maintain gun liability insurance. Then if their gun is stolen and used in a crime, and it is determined that the "responsible gun owner" failed to secure their guns in a resonably secure manner, comenserate with the risk of unauthorized use, or theft, then the liability insurance kicks in and helps to pay for damages and compensate victims for the "responsible gun owners" deliberatly negligent failure to secure such deadly weapons. Why should such liability insurance requirments be placed on gun owners? For the following reasons. The 2nd. allows for regulation of ownership of a product with no other intended or designed purpose but to take life quickly and efficiently, and to date gun owners, gun manufacturers and their political lobbyest / extorsionist refuse to accept active anti theft & unauthorized use technology built directly into the product creating an accepted minimum level of safety and security liability standards like an automobile has.
    Gun owners are liable for their use or misuse 100% of the time. Its way past time we made that truth a larger part of the nations legal code.

  21. The black man and the white man need to make amends and the white people need to step down and take two steps back and allow the Natives to be at the helm of the environmental management.

  22. Joe Biden needs to gear up in his leather jacket and pants hop on his mootorcycle ,load his 357 magnum he lives to carry and police these San Antonio TX streets alone with mayor Ron 'Exotic' Neuter burger,and Chief Big Willy Mcanus.

  23. 4:40 Come on, people… why did you choose to embarrass that woman by including her vapid meaningless comment?!
    The solution: The Low (left) announces that their four years of rousing mob violence was intended to last only until they took over.

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