Omicron Variant Surge in NYC: The Latest on COVID-19 for Dec. 18 | NBC New York

One-third of Broadway shows were dark Saturday night, SNL had to abandon its live audience and musical guest, most of the Brooklyn Nets are in the NBA’s COVID protocol, and new daily cases in New York City hit an all-time high as lines for testing wrap around the block in most of the city.

Anjali Hemphill, Jessica Cunnington and John Chandler report.



  1. For all those that took 3 shot vaccines, guess it sucks huh lol. I took zero shots and havent got covid, delta 9, and now some voodoo omicron lol. Enjoy your 4th shot to save your life, then enjoy the next variant, its gonna be named, I'm a dumb @$$ sheep lol.

  2. Didn't covid come from china why aren't we at war with them no we rather be in the middle east controlling the opium

  3. Jokes aside this is unreal. Almost 2 yrs in and seems like we are no further ahead.
    Depressing. 🙏😔

  4. I have a hotel and flight booked to nyc for next week. Should I skip it? I’m coming from Florida

  5. Lololol all the betas in NYC. I thought they were supposed to be tough. De Blasio is your daddy.

  6. People are way to confident just like first time we all got the information on covid it’s smart to just shut down for three months and really help people survive and let it sort of clean up this shi. People need to stop acting like there doctors and think they know what this is doctors are still trying to figure out hot to fix it don’t know how everyone thinks they know what’s best for human life and FYI NYC mayor it’s a joke

  7. Lot of new cases, but how many new deaths?? Media is absolutely thrilled to be pushing new fear!!

  8. LOL LOL LOL LOL omicron is sooooo fake you dumbasses. keep taking those shots that your body will become dependent on like

  9. I'd rather die free than to live as a slave take your mandates and shove them up your behind it's not happening.

  10. that basketball player is weird. when he talks he takes off his mask. you wear a mask 1st and foremost to prevent your covid containing saliva from spraying all over the face of the other player seated less than 6 feet away listening to you talk and getting covid from you. whenever you are being interviewed yes you can take off your mask to talk and show your facial expressions but notice everyone else is more than 6 feet away from you

  11. It’s very interesting how NY has one of the strictest Covid rules yet there having one of the biggest surges. Open your eyes people anyone can throw some numbers up on a screen.

  12. So it’s a pandemic of the vaccinated because unvaccinated people can’t go to these places. If everyone can still catch it and spread it why are they still discriminating against the unvaccinated. Welcome back to reality vaccine s don’t stop anything.

  13. Welcome to the new midterm election variant don't go to work and vote from home 😉

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