NYC unveils proof of vaccine requirement

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new proof of vaccination requirement for most indoor events in New York City, believed to be the first such mandate by an American city Dining at restaurants, working out at a gym, attending a movie or play will all require proof of vaccination starting August 16.

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  1. * Deprivation Of Rights Under Color Of
    * None of these “bans” “orders” “mandates” and “restrictions” are Constitutional and everyone upholding such are in violation of their Oath of Office to uphold and sustain the Constitution!

    * ArtVI.C3.1 Oaths of Office
    * ArtVI.C3.1.1  Oath of Office Requirement
    * ArtVI.C3.1.2  Bar on Religious Tests
    * Oath of office on file if not your a tyrant

  2. Authoritarianism is flexing its muscles in NYC. This is blatant discrimination for those with medical exemptions and severe government overreach.

  3. Do you want to live in a society where the government has the rights to be able to inject anything that they want into your body? I'm just wondering, people seem to have mixed opinions on this so I was just trying to understand!! 😁

  4. Any organization supporting this blatant tyranny should be protested and boycotted until it's closed permanently. Do the docile cowards of New York even care about their rights anymore?

  5. My job just mandated. I said no. I only have God on my side. God bless you all. Even if I am the last person on earth to say no ! I stand with Christ. Since when does the DOJ pass law? Lol. Y'all Read the Word of God !

  6. I've watched just about every news frome all states and not one of these pathetic fools talk about the lack of no medical personnel at our borders with over 290 thousand migrants they all get a free pass on getting checked or on the vaccine you guys like all the rest will never shine light on the real push you know 5 years back on Fox 10 phoenix Facebook news app i called all this i said be ready our population was going to take a hit a controlled hit and guess what it's here fools called me crazy but who's laughing now you all will not like the outcome of what's to come i said it as well the shot they will force on us will leave 60% of the country dead you all need to wake the f up

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